the most anticipated films of the next few months

It’s Belgian

Things are jostling with Belgian cinema this fall. As of September 13, Jessica Woodworth (Altiplano, King of the Belgians) opens the ball with Luka, his very “plastic” adaptation, with a rather bewitching atmosphere, from Tartar Desert by Dino Buzzati. The following week, it was the turn of Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni, the duo responsible forA crazy life, to present The Syndrome of Past Loves, a new comedy around the couple in search of a somewhat forced fantasy. At the end of September, the Brussels resident Philippe Van Leeuw (InSyriated) returns with The Wall, shot on the US-Mexico border with an impressive Vicky Krieps, while Tim Mielants (From Patrick) sign WIL, drama set in Antwerp under German occupation. On October 11, the Virtonnais Vivian Goffette will present Tight Fists, his new initiatory feature film, with Wim Willaert, Laurent Capelluto and Lucie Debay among others. The following week, Claude Schmitz (Hold up Poitiers) will release, for his part, the fascinating L’Autre Laurens, where he brilliantly rubs shoulders with the codes of thriller and the question of gender. We are also entitled to expect a lot, on October 25, from Het Smelt, the first feature film directed by actress Veerle Baetens (The Broken Circle Breakdown), based on the shocking rural novel by Lize Spit. As for the month of November, it still promises some fine cartridges, with in particular the release, on the 15th, of Augure, Baloji’s first film, which won an award at Cannes last May in the Un Certain Regard section, and that, on the 22nd, by Holly, the fifth feature film by Fien Troch (Kid, Home), which will be able to count on the springboard of the Venetian competition in September. (NC)

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