The most beautiful romantic comedies for summer evenings

Let’s imagine a pleasant one summer evening, a dinner with friends, perhaps the sea breeze or a fresh mountain breeze in the background… what is missing to complete the picture? A Nice film, obviously! To make the evening unforgettable, the right choice could be one romantic comedy.

On the main ones streaming platforms there is no shortage of recently released titles. On Prime Video there is Everything is possibleavailable since last July, directed by Billy Porter and written by Ximena García Lecuona. There love story told, not without difficulty and sweetness, is the one between Kelsa, one trans high school student self-confident, and her classmate Khal, who falls in love with her. On Netflix instead it has recently existed Say hello to goodbye: Clare and Aidan decide to break up before college, but everything could change during their last date. Here are the others romantic comedies to be seen.

Dangerous Liaisons

Available on Netflix, this 2022 film lasts just under two hours and has as its protagonist the young and naive Célène who, as soon as she arrived in Biarritz, falls in love of Tristan, rebellious and charming boy.

What the girl ignores, however, is that she actually ended up in the clutches of social queen Vanessa, who wants to make fun of her with a cruel bet. Before true love blooms, in short, there are several thorns to avoid… The cast the film includes Paola Locatelli, Simon Rérolle and Ella Pellegrini.

Mom, don’t mess around!

We’re used to teenagers falling in love, that’s okay. But the love it happens at any age, right? This proves it funny and sweet series taken from a true story. The protagonist is a sixty-year-old who, after being widowed, decides to find her love again … with great joy and concern for the two daughters! She is on Netflix.

I run to you

Available on Sky on demandstreaming on NOW and also on Prime Videothis romantic comedy recently came out and has already been seen by over a million viewers. Directed by Riccardo Milani, this is the remake of the French film Tutti standing and has as protagonists Pierfrancesco Favino And Miriam Leone. Gianni, a nearly fifty-year-old career man, is willing to do anything to seduce young women, so much so that he pretends to be a wheelchair. But when the sunny and enchanting Chiara enters his life, rendered paraplegic by an accident, Gianni will change his perspective on many issues.

Not Okay

Lies have short legs. The protagonist of this film, recently available on Disney +. Danni (Zoey Deutch) is a writer with no goals, no friends and no sentimental perspectives who pretends to be engaged in one extraordinary trip to Paris to increase his following on Instagram.

But when he gets the life he always wanted, plus he wins Colin, the man of her dreamsDanni realizes that everything could be shattered in an instant …

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