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Sleeping in a Venetian villa. And feel like one great sir, as the nursery rhyme goes. A Venetian patrician, indeed. Veneto preserves in its countryside a vast architectural heritage of enormous beauty: there are more than 4,000 Venetian villas symbol of the glories of Republic of Venice.

Over 100 of the most beautiful, including many Palladian villas. Today many of these places offer the possibility to have lunch, dinner and sleep in a place of unique beauty. Places that still today deserve to be lived with same cheerfulness and festivity who have animated them in their own golden period.

Open days to visit the Venetian Villas

The first national event will be held on 22 and 23 October entirely dedicated to the Venetian Villas to tell the so-called «Civilization in the Villa» through various experiences: two days dedicated to to live the Villa in an immersive way, choosing between heritage, green, food and family themes. The first edition will be produced byIRVV – Regional Institute for Venetian Villas – and theAssociation for the Venetian Villas to raise awareness, promote and deepen knowledge of the Venetian Villa and its value through concrete experiences.

Villas to read

And for lovers of reading who like to keep up to date on the contemporary publishing scene, bookmark the event cycle Villas to read: this series of events organized by the Associazione Ville Venete dell’Adige as part of the review «Veneto Books» it will be an opportunity for discover the editorial production of the publishing houses of the region in unique and enchanting locations. The events, scheduled until 15 December, are dedicated to the discovery of Veneto in all its facets, and with the very heart rich heritage of the Venetian Villas.

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