The most exciting scenes in the MCU

A storytelling solidheartbreak action scenes and character characters perfection are just some of the reasons why franchises like that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been so successful. Obviously, all this is not enough to make an impact film. The emotional contribution is everything in the world of cinema, regardless of the genre that is analyzed. The favorite stories of viewers, cinema enthusiasts and more, reflect everyday life: i merits ei defects that each of us more or less shares.

The transformation of Peter Parker from a teenager lost in himself to a hero, remaining in the Marvel theme, or, again, the awareness of Tony Stark, which will direct all its energy and resources into the good of others, are a prime example of what a successful work really needs. The MCU of emotions has given away and will give away many more. In this ranking, we will see some of the most exciting scenes within the very lucky franchise.

Gamora’s sacrifice

Thanos was the villain that all the fans have they dreamed within the Avengers saga. In the first instance, the public knew well little on his account. He first appeared as an antagonist generic that the main heroes would have defeated in the blink of an eye. Only the most insightful they were able to empathize with the character, and then understand his real potential. Among the most touching scenes assigned to the character, that of Gamora’s sacrifice certainly represents a highlight. Thanos he has a very specific goal in his life: to save the universe by eliminating a half which he considers undeserving.

This led him to make a decision heartbreaking. In order to obtain the soul gem to achieve his purpose, the character had to sacrifice someone he loved: his daughter. Gamora. With a broken heart, Thanos threw the young warrior into the abyss of Vormir, leading her to death. Several heroes disappeared due to the snap, but Gamora’s epilogue touched the emotional chords of the audience more, given its nature catastrophic and particularly suffered.

The death of Black Widow

That of Natasha Romanoff is a character that fans have loved since he entered the scene in Iron Man 2. His figure, strong and mysterious, with a story never really cleared up until the release of the prequel film dedicated to her, immediately aroused the interest of viewers. The vast majority of them expected and hoped to see Black Widow again in all MCU films, but its run ended with the release of Endgame. Again, to get the soul gem, one loved one from the other would have to sacrifice himself. The choice, in this case, was between Clint Barton and the Widow. The two fought, in an attempt to save each other’s life, but in the end Natasha decided to embrace her fate, throwing herself into the void, just like Gamora. There death of the character of Scarlett Johansson remains among the most exciting moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Iron Man Vs. Captain America

Civil War is among the most crossovers iconic in the history of Marvel comics. As well as between the strips, even in the film Tony Stark And Steve Rogers they begin a bitter battle that, at the cinema, kept the audience in suspense for the entire duration of the film. The feature film followed a less in-depth plot than the comics, focusing particularly on the conflict between the two heroes. The work reaches its climax when Tony discovers that the Winter Soldier was the killer of his parents. In an attempt to protect Bucky, the Captain fights with all his might against an Iron Man indomitable. While he manages to hold his own, Iron Man seems to have the upper hand, in a no holds barred fight that made it the voltage in cinemas palpable.

The disappearance of Peter Parker

Rethink the background that led to Avengers: Infinity War it means reflecting on the fear Tony Stark felt for years at the thought that a threat greater than himself and his seemingly invincible team of heroes could wipe out everything he had fought for. Protecting his family and all of humanity was his priority until the very end, even after that Doctor Strange looked him over on Thanos. In the end, the fans know well, the bitter antagonist succeeded in his intent and, with the fateful snap, he eliminated half universe. Tony survived, witnessing the disappearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy and, above all, of his protégé: Tom Holland’s young Peter Parker. Spiderman clings to Tony in an attempt to cling to his waist, as he is reduced to atoms by the snap, carrying the spectators to tears.

The sacrifice of Iron Man

“I am Iron Man” it is the first famous phrase we remember from the MCU and it is also the last one pronounced by Robert Downey Jr. before leaving the scene in Endgame. For 15 years, Iron Man has brought the youngest to the Marvel world and awakened the love of old guard fans, appearing in all of the franchise’s most successful feature films. Exhausted from the fight against the forces of evil and from Thanos’ apparent inevitability, Tony Stark made his last heroic act ripping the gems from the enemy’s glove, to eliminate him in the same way he had done with half the universe. The ending of the Avengers saga left the audience astonishedgiving away a triumphant curtain to the events of one of the most iconic roles in the history of modern cinema.

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