A trend that does not seem to stop. The entrance of celebrities into the world of beauty continues unabated. Even 2022, after the great revolution launched – among others – also by Rihanna, has seen an impressive increase in new celebrity-founded beauty brands. The last, in order of appearance, was the tennis player Serena Williams who, after announcing her retirement (although many hope she would change her mind), dived into wellness with Will Perfrom, a line of products designed not by chance for the well-being of athletes. But what were the VIPs who ventured into the world of beauty entrepreneurship in this calendar year?

Serena Williams and Will Perform

Let’s start from the end. A few days ago, the tennis giant Serena Williams launched “Willperform”, a vast range of products useful for helping your body recover after activity or training. The focus of his “recovery” brand it is in fact focused on the improvement and relief of the muscles, in short, a way to intensify the post work out. Present in the collection a roll-on, a pain relief spray and a functional refreshing product for pain relief Will Cool. The prices are accessible: from 12.99 to 15.99 dollars.

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Ariana Grande launches into make-up, Lady Gaga reinvents herself

As already done in the past by Rihanna and more recently by Selenza Gomez, superstar Ariana Grande has also decided to launch herself into the ever more flourishing world of make-up with her brand rem beauty. However, the products, at least initially, have not achieved the desired results. And also them beauty gurus, influencers and youtubers who are part of the beauty community they almost entirely expressed some criticisms about the brand, considering it not particularly captivating and above all similar to others. Who knows if even the singer of Latin origin will soon want to renew her line as done this year by her more expert colleague Lady Gaga, who has in fact relaunched her Haus Labs exactly three years after her birth.

Brands beauty brands Life&People MagazineTo these is added another new entry, namely Gwen Stefani, perhaps the only one who can really be accused of having arrived culpably late. Her iconic style, with a signature look long remained imprinted in the iconography of pop music especially in the zero years, it could be translated into face palettes much earlier. Will his GXVE be able to outperform the competition from the younger female singers?

Celebrity beauty brands: Scarlett Johansson’s Skin Care

The parterre dedicated to skin care was also very large, where the majestic actress Scarlett Johansson sat in the front row, launching herself on the market with The Outset, a line dedicated mainly to sensitive skin. The starting point is precisely Scarlett’s skin care, derived from the constant stress on the set due to makeup and lights. Entry into the world beauty prompted the actress to finally be present on social media, landing at the age of 37 on both Instagram and Tik Tok.

Brands beauty brands Life&People MagazineParticularly convincing then what was done by the Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow, who thought of Cay Skin, a particularly inclusive line of sunscreens, therefore also created to cater for dark complexions, whose effects of the sun’s rays are too often underestimated. Lastly, in addition to Kate Moss who launched in the Wellness sector “Cosmos“, it is also important to mention Haily Bieber, who became, among other things, an entrepreneur and founder of Rhode Skin, the perfect collection of products to achieve the iconic glass skin. However, the super celebrity also had to settle a lawsuit due to a case of homonymy with a Los Angeles clothing brand. Problem that did not affect the sale at all.

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