The most graphically beautiful games on the horizon – what is it worth waiting for to experience jaw dropping?

The list is completely subjective and has nothing to do with being broken down by PlayStation, Xbox, or desktop. I would like to avoid comments that suggest that it will be the most beautiful graphics on PC, because we can adjust the details to the maximum. With beautiful graphics, I don’t just mean whether the developer will apply textures in 8K or provide great ray-tracing effects. I also take into account the design of the location, the idea and the beauty of the composition, which will have a beautiful cooperation with the graphics. To tell the truth, I am looking forward to 2023, because it is then that the first productions created for the new generation of consoles should debut. I am very happy that we are experiencing the trend of providing two graphics modes to choose from – either more frames or effects. I always choose fluidity, even at the expense of resolution, and I would like such options to survive to the end of this generation. Let’s get to the point.

STALKER 2: Shadow of Chernobyl – brutal and dark

We have written about this amazing title many times. If you want to learn more about the plot or mechanics included in this production, please feel free to read. I must admit that in terms of graphics, it promises to be at least perfect. At least, if I am to believe the gameplay save that was made available at E3 in 2021. Absolutely everything is impressive here. Not only the character models (although their facial expressions could be more natural, but it is great anyway), but also the design of the world, monsters or the construction of a dense and dark climate due to the sinister atmosphere. Everyone has seen it before, but this title simply could not be missing from this list.

Starfield – a fresh start for Bethesda

The time has come for another, huge and unusual IP in the portfolio of Bethesda – one of the largest producers and publishers of games in the world. Starfield is a gigantic RPG that can completely surprise us in terms of graphics. If the material presented during the E3 fair presented shots created on the game’s engine, perhaps next year we will get something that will make us finally collect the jaw from the floor. I would love to experience it, and besides, I’m hungry for some good RPG. I feel a huge dissatisfaction after Cyberpunk 2077 (although it is very good in terms of its story) and I can’t go through The Witcher 3 forever, right? That’s enough for me. And after the debut of the next update, I will probably complete it two more times.

God of War: Ragnarok – it’s a pity it also comes out on PlayStation 4

I saw in the comments section that some of you were deeply disappointed after the gameplay presentation. You expected something more, because the game will also be released on PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, its roots and mechanics will still be limited to the capabilities of the basic PS4, so we could not expect a big jump. Nevertheless, I am convinced that on the new generation in 4K and at 60 frames per second, the new God of War will repeatedly provide us with wonderful sights and jaw drops. The video below presents enough, and although in fact there are not so many differences from the first (in terms of binding), and some limitations are noticeable, I am convinced that the Sony Santa Monica will surprise us in detail.

Horizon: Forbidden West – it will be one of the nicer games on the market

Since we are talking about God of War: Ragnarok, we could not miss another gem aimed exclusively at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can, of course, about the continuation of Aloy’s adventures, which look great and can mix up the most beautiful video games on the market. Horizon 2 is an example of a great evolution, unfortunately limited by the past-gene. The game impresses with its underwater scenery, beautiful views and great models of rebellious machines of the future, and at the same time presents a whole spectrum of tropical climates. It promises to be at least great – of course in the subject of graphics. I wasn’t a big fan of the wooden one, but I’ll definitely give two a chance.

Spider-Man 2 – the first, truly next-gen production

The game has already been announced, so I can quote it in this text. Insomniac Games, which I wrote about why they are the best development studio in the world, presented a trailer that literally crashed me into my chair. As it turned out later, the whole thing was running on the game engine and I am sure that the sequel to the spider man will look at least as good as it does in this movie. A wonderful play of lights and shadows, incredibly sharp textures and brilliant animations are just some of the elements that can lead to a real jaw drop. Nothing more, nothing more, just check out the trailer below. It is a pity that we have to wait until 2023.

Final Fantasy XVI – beautiful special effects play the first violin

I don’t need to tell anyone about the history of this series. If you’re a gamer, you’ve definitely played some part, or at least you know what it is. I am more interested in the graphic design, and I cannot have too many objections to this. The appearance of spells and special effects have been especially incredibly refined. Magic particles fly to the right and left, and the whole thing also impresses with the scale and quality of the projection. Very suggestive characters, beautiful armor and incredibly specific, thoughtful and ingenious design of opponents can provide us with a production that will dent your armchair. The premiere may be in 2022.

Forspoken – huge locations and beautiful views dominate

Another production in this list for PlayStation 5, but I can’t help it. It is on this platform that you will see potentially the most beautiful games on the market. Forspoken is also one of them. The huge locations made the biggest impression on me, especially when looking at the premiere trailer below. And thus – great views. There are a lot of them, and in addition, the model of the main character has great facial expressions and amazing hair. Of course, for computer games, because they are very difficult to do well. There are millions of particle effects, explosions, complex physics and spectacular magic tricks. Forspoken can be a mystical production full of unexpected twists. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Black Myth: Wukong – this is one of the biggest surprises at UE5

I must admit that when I saw the game save for the first time, I did not believe that games could look like this today. Absolutely beautiful snow is intertwined here with fantastic character models and stunning, on top of all, animation in cutscenes. It looks a bit worse during the game, but the title is still very impressive, and it is still in production. I am convinced that the closer to the premiere, the more often we will collect the jaw from the floor. Just take a look at the material below. Needless to say, this might be one of the prettiest games ever, and who knows if it won’t be the absolute leader on release. Anyway, anything that takes advantage of the benefits of Unreal Engine 5 can literally knock us off our feet. Just like the upcoming Gears 6 for the Xbox Series X.

I wonder what your expectations are. Which games are missing here? Perhaps I neglected Nintendo a bit, because the upcoming Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 may have a great artistic design and beautiful, colorful locations, but I mean a slightly different kind of graphics. More “next-gen”. Sure, I haven’t mentioned Gran Turismo 7 (it’s going to be beautiful too) or the upcoming Hogwarts: Legacy, but I think the above productions will be even more beautiful. And remember – the ranking only applies to games to come, so there is no Forzy Horizon 5 or multiplayer mode from Halo: Infinite, which makes a really great impression on XSX or a good PC. Unfortunately, this is my new addiction, I am extremely hooked on this mode and if only I have 15 minutes free – I start the multiplayer. I encourage you to discuss. By the way – I deliberately did not mention the game from Ubisoft in this list – Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, because I do not believe that it will look like this on the day of its premiere. Speak soon!

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