The most iconic pop moments of 2022

There is no end of the year (anymore) without the list of Big names competing in Sanremo that The True Santa Claus, namely Amadeus, offers us as a viaticum for the immense effort of the holidays. By now the (alleged) direct announcement of the national Amedeo of the singers who will have to make us forget the level of perfection achieved in 2022 by Mahmood and Blanco is one of the most iconic and anticipated moments of the ruthless month of December. And just not to fall behind in terms of ruthlessness, three times, plus two more already agreed with Rai, artistic director and host of the Festival has formalized the fact that the next edition will have clubbing hours. In addition to the 22 Bigs in the competition (or rather “super guests” because now they say so), Ama in this case The Grinch, announced an unprecedented decision, namely that there will be six young people in the competition, for a total of 28 songs in competition. But the cast is beautiful: there are fantastic girls like Elodie, Mara Sattei, Madame and Ariete, there is the coolest of the Nineties Gianluca-crazy horse-Grignani, there is a giant like Gino Paoli, there is the quota Tananai (but with Tananai himself in the competition) which makes 90% of the Rai audience ask “but who is this” and that is Rosa Chemical, in short, there is so much stuff, so much show. And then there’s Marco Mengoni, the real pop star, the one who could very well have done without, or been the super super guest and instead here he is in the competition. But as exciting as the topic is, this is not a piece about San Remo, but about the most memorable moments that pop culture has given us in these 365 days. We will remember here the light things of this 2022 which was not light, but which deserves an amused list of its funniest snapshots.

sanremo, italy march 02 amadeus presents the 71th sanremo music festival 2021 at teatro ariston on march 02, 2021 in sanremo, italy photo by jacopo raule daniele venturelligetty images

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Because we are in that period of the year, the one in which on the one hand we strongly want to have our say on what we deem to be unquestionably the best (you know when you mention that essential TV series and the interlocutor does not know what you are about speaking, but he relaunches with a very famous stuff, making all your faith in the species collapse, n0?) and on the other hand we yearn for other people’s lists, drawn up from our references. I, say, wish I could get yearly lists from everyone I know, and I wish those lists weren’t limited to the usual kinds of things that can be heard, watched, or read. vI would make highly subjective and specific lists of people: the best advice they’ve received and the best ideas they’ve had. The best new foods they’ve tried or the walks they’ve taken, the best changes they’ve made to their morning routine. I would like ideas for better living across the spectrum of existence; no category is too idiosyncratic. And after launching this trivial appeal, in short, I come to what is the heart of this breviary necessarily, starting from a fact that seems very distant by now, but which happened a few months ago: the slap that Will Smith dealt to presenter Chris Rock on live TV at the 2022 Oscars. That gesture commented by colleague Denzel Washington with the phrase “in your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes to get you”, is a useful, in its being unjustifiable, snapshot of our general nervous breakdown. There is a lot of 2022, but also 2021 and 2020 in that crap, only sorry for Smith, who yes he was also brought home the statuette as Best Actor for his exceptional King Richard, but if there’s a moral to this sad story it’s that if you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown, send someone else to collect the prizes for you. On the other hand, the story of the pop star whose new album we have all been waiting for 5 years is of a completely different kind. the goddess Rihanna, the woman capable of breaking the Internet by hardly ever appearing on it. There is no doubt that her announcement that she was pregnant with partner Asap Rocky was met with one of the biggest ovations ever seen on social media. Of all the things to start the year with, an expectant Rihanna was probably one of the best. In true RiRi style, she broke the news wearing a Chanel quilted jacket and over $20,000 worth of jewelry. And equally unforgettable will remain her shots of her maternity looks, daring, sexy but above all rare, which is perhaps the most alienating and extravagant adjective today.

will smith

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Perhaps one of the most surprising things about 2022 is the internet’s obsession with Julia Fox. She started making headlines after temporarily dating Kanye West, but the former dominatrix has more than proven that she has acting chops on her own. Of the endless pop culture references Fox has blessed us with, one of the most memorable is undoubtedly her video” Uncut Gems and things like that”. During the podcast interview, the web went wild over Fox’s exaggerated utterances in some of her responses. Yet as weird as it is, as cringe as it is, you can’t help but want to hear it again and Still. The one between the Bennifers, let’s face it, is the last love story of our time and the other pink comedies throw them all. After 19 years since their first engagement, 2022 was able to bring the reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, but this time the couple was able to successfully say “I do.” From their marriage to today, the world still can’t get enough of the couple, so much so that the profusion of paparazzi photos, which are back in vogue thanks to them, prove it every day.

Heidi Klum has long been known to be the queen of Halloween, and this year, she’s really taken her dominance to another level.. Klum broke the web after showing up to her annual party dressed as a worm. The model told The Hollywood Reporter that her costume took four months to create and 12 hours to wear on the day of the party. While it may not have been the most practical costume of hers, she has managed to anoint her the winner of all Halloweens from the dawn of time to the present. After showing up on the carpet, social media went haywire over her most popular meme dress she was “Would you still love me if I was a worm”.

heidi klum's halloween party 2022

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As Lilly Singh, known as IISuperwomanII, Canadian youtuber, TV presenter and actress wrote under the Instagram post of People announcing the new love story between Pete Davidson and Emrata“God give me as much game as Pete”, translated: Lord please let me suck as much as Pete” is the motto of 2022. Pete Davidson from 2016 to today has been photographed with an impressive parade of models, actresses, pop stars and Kardashians, who cannot be pigeonholed anywhere except, perhaps, the head of the world of social media and money. “The world turns writes The Cut – the seasons change, but all of us, we can agree on one thing: Pete Davidson rolls.” If not more than Leonardo DiCaprio, certainly more in favor of the goals of the paparazzi, the fans, whoever happens to be. Pete’s phenomenology as a deadly seducer arouses great curiosity, such that a good documentary maker could take on the task of showing us its secrets invisible to the eyes. Or rather, invisible to many, because I have friends who go crazy for the 29-year-old former cast member of the historic television show Saturday Night Live. But what do you think, I ask, and the answers are usually disjointed and unsatisfactory. The most common, in fact, comes back to the business of making people laugh, and okay. In parallel, however, is that face that is described as somewhere between a teddy bear and a stoner. Eyes circled and at half mast, accompanied by a perennial smile and a “blurred” edge, Davidson undoubtedly has the face of vices and sleepless nights, and, in short, this pleases.

the 2021 met gala celebrating in america a lexicon of fashion arrivals

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In one of the most controversial lawsuits of the decade, actor Johnny Depp is suing his ex Amber Heard in a Virginia court for defamation after Heard accused Depp of abusing her. What came next was an absolute media circus, complete with round-the-clock coverage of the trial and countless TikTok memes. Depp ultimately prevailed in the case, but time will tell how the trial will impact the actor’s career. And then comes Sabrina, Sabrina Impacciatore. Ours, which we have always loved, gives time to Non è la Rai prima, and to the films of Muccino (who wanted it in The last Kiss, kiss Me again and Everyone at home is fine) Virzì and Veronesi, even the very difficult America was struck in the heart. And she did it at 54, in a state of grace with a career now at its zenith. Thanks to second season of The White Lotusthe Hbo series (which is one of those that if your friend hasn’t seen, then this conversation ends here) and to his role as Valentina, the hotel manager who slowly abandons her cynical and perfectionist rigidity to indulge in desires she had always suppressed, Impacciatore has conquered the land of Hollywood. Some of her jokes throughout the various episodes (from “Peppa Pig?” – improvised on the spot – to the catchphrase “Rocco!”) have already become memes, but the touch of genius came with the interview with the very popular Jimmy Kimmel talk show. “It’s incredible for me to be here. It’s like a dream come true, my friends in Italy are going crazy,” Sabrina immediately told Jimmy Kimmel. “I’m so happy to be here but this is my worst profile, can we do the whole interview crooked?”, he said to the presenter. “In my diary as a child I wrote ‘One day I will become an actress and my life will be a film’ … And so it was, even if sometimes it is a horror, but I had not specified the genre”, continued Impacciatore between the laughter of the audience and of Kimmel himself, also amused by the gag on the correct pronunciation between Ojai and Ohio. But what really went viral were the “then” with which Super Sabrina began each answer, because, as many have correctly written, “you can take an Italian out of Italy, but you can’t take “then” out of an Italian”.

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