The most important information from ZUS 14/01/2022. What’s changing?

On 14/01/2022 a tweet appeared on the ZUS profile: “RT @PracawodRP: We invite you to a training with @zus_pl: Changes in insurance from 01/01/2022 resulting from, among others, # PolskiŁad.⏰środa, 19 st….” .

The Social Insurance Institution, or ZUS, was established in 1934. Its task is to collect contributions, among others for social security, health insurance, and then the award of appropriate benefits. Both the amount of contributions and the benefits granted later may slightly change from year to year. On the ZUS twitter account you will find, among others information on benefits that may be due to you.

January 14, 2022 at ZUS. What do you need to know?

RT @PracawodRP: We invite you to the training with @zus_pl: Changes in insurance from 01/01/2022 resulting, among others, from z # PolskiŁad.
Wednesday, 19 st …

🛡️ From next Monday, # entrepreneurs from specific industries can apply for #exemption from # premium for December 2021 and another #stay benefit.

📆 Remember: from January 1⃣7⃣, only electronic applications via #PUE #ZUS.


RT @TOPTVPINFO: #OTymSięSpeaks & vert; 💬Gertruda # Uścińska, president @zus_pl: People with the benefit of PLN 2,500 will benefit most from the tax changes b …

@jankbur @MF_GOV_PL @PremierRP @pisorgpl The amount of the health contribution has not changed. What has changed is that from 2022 it does not reduce income tax.
In the case of the pension, gross PLN 2,500: in December it was PLN 2,088 per hand, and after the changes in January – PLN 2,275.

@ParviRafal @Eksperci_WSB We apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently recording a huge number of connections. Our consultants, apart from the hotline and e-visit, can also be contacted via [email protected]

👩‍👦‍👦 #ZUS has already received 3⃣3⃣6⃣ thousand. applications for # RodzinnyKapitałOpiekuńczo. We are waiting for more.


🎞️ You will learn how to apply for #RKO in our guide⬇️

RT @Moje_PPK: “In order to increase retirement security, it is necessary to differentiate the sources from which the income will come from …

🔔 Parents now submit statements with the details of #children in childcare facilities. They are needed to grant a grant to a nursery, children’s club or day carer.

⚠️ The application for #co-financing will have to be submitted to #ZUS – from 1⃣ April👇

RT @Grupa_PFR: ⏰ Only until January 15 (Saturday) SMEs have time to settle the #TarczaFfinansowaPFR 2.0 subsidy.
⚠️ Lack of correct billing …

@tw_wolfgang @ paolo11051 Entrepreneurs taxed on general principles pay the health insurance contribution:

  • in February for January = 9% of the amount of 75% of the average wage for the fourth quarter of 2021,
  • in March for February = on January income (9% on the tax scale; 4.9% on flat tax; at least PLN 270.90).

@Ciszewski_A In the case of benefits between PLN 4,920 and PLN 12,800 gross, the pension amount in February will be reduced by the advance tax calculated on the basis of the old rules (as in December). Together with the benefit for February, we will transfer the overpaid tax from January.

🏨 So far, parents and guardians have activated nearly 7⃣5⃣ percent. prepared @Bon_Turystyczny.

⛷️ You can use #PolskiBonTurystyczny until the end of September 2022, also in the upcoming # holidays.

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