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There are many indications that PlayStation 5 will soon receive the most important update since its premiere. What will be introduced?

From the premiere PlayStation 5 more than a year has passed, but not everything always goes according to plan. First of all, the demand for consoles is huge, and stores wanting to earn as much as possible sell consoles in sets with mandatory games and accessories. The second problem is the variable refresh rate, a popular VRR that doesn’t work on PS5. Yet.

There are many indications that the console update will soon introduce a variable refresh rate to match the latest Sony TVs for 2022. Sony and VRR is a long and complex matter, both in televisions and consoles, but there are reasons to believe that the situation will change and VRR will appear in the near future on PS5.

This is not the end, however, because PlayStation 5 is to receive an update by the end of January that will introduce a renewed automatic HDR tone mapping function, so that in combination with compatible TVs it will receive the best image quality. The closest feature to which we can compare Sony’s plans is AutoHDR on Xbox consoles, which continues to garner praise.

It is possible that these two extremely important additions will be included in one update. If that happened, 2022 would start off great for PS5, especially considering the upcoming game releases this year, such as Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok or Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy.

At CES 2022, Sony surprised players and unveiled the PlayStation VR2, for which the company received a lot of praise. If the Japanese giant releases an update in line with players’ expectations, it promises to be a great start to the year for the Blue!

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