“The most important thing is balance”: mixologist Adele Fardo shares her secrets to making the best cocktails this summer!

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Who says summer, says cocktail! If the spritz or mojito is once again the cocktail star of summer, nothing beats a good homemade recipe. If taking the risk and starting out as a bartender for one evening is too tough, we went Meet Cointreau Brand Ambassador and Mixologist Adele FardoAn expert in his field.

thank you for that, Making your own cocktail will become child’s play, Between the essentials and the different production techniques: the expert tells us all his secrets for mastering the art of the cocktail. chin!

Is it possible for everyone to make easy cocktails at home or do you still need to know the basics?

It is actually quite easy to make cocktails at home. Just don’t get into overly complicated projects. Knowing the basics is important. The most important thing in making a good cocktail is balance.

What are the main steps in making a cocktail?

It is first of all good products at home. Then pour into a glass or directly into a shaker, depending on the cocktail, and shake. The golden rule is to shake for 7 seconds. Every second at the same speed and intensity. In general, we try to do a kind of back and forth with the shaker and especially never up but sideways. After this the most important thing is the ice cubes. And then it’s ready. So you can see it is very easy to do.

What equipment is needed to make a good cocktail at home?

Earlier I was talking about balance, so dodger is necessary for that. This allows you to find the right notes and repeat your cocktail multiple times. When you’re at home, you always end up drinking too much. Dozer allows you to measure it. is mandatory.

How do you know if two materials will match together?

Colour ! For example red fruits go with red fruits. Strawberries, Cranberries, Goji Berries: We know these are produce that taste great together; You can also add peaches and pineapples. And for green I would say celery and mint. No matter what happens when you choose foods of a single color, you know it’s a safe bet.

Which combinations might work best? associations that are slightly safer bets

I’m thinking of the Mai Tai here, a cocktail made with rum, orgit syrup, Cointreau, and lemon. Actually everyone likes the deliciousness of Orjit syrup i.e. almonds. These are really basic things that work very well. When it comes to making cocktails, it’s always best to start with a product you love and then move on to sublimating it.

What are some tips or tricks that you can pass on to our readers?

I didn’t necessarily have any equipment during my imprisonment. In fact, everything is at your fingertips. If you don’t have a shaker, you can use a jam jar, that’s fine. The bottle cap can also work great as a dispenser. It’s very simple, it’s just common sense.

Adding Ice Cubes: Good or Bad Idea? Can it dilute the flavor of the cocktail too much?

It’s a good idea to add ice cubes because you’ll need to dilute the cocktail to make it taste consistent. If we decide to make the cocktail directly in a bottle that we keep in the fridge, well the mixing may be good but it will be too strong.

Should not take wrong steps?

Do not mix too much strong alcohol. Like gin with rum or rum and tequila. we forgot. You have to start with strong alcohol. Later, to accompany it, we opt for liqueurs, syrups or juices. This is how you make cocktails in the beginning.

Favorite Content?

I’d say fresh produce like real lemons rather than bottled lemon juice. Sugar syrup is a good base too and Cointreau too. When you already have three products, you can make many cocktails. You buy a bottle of gin, you have a cocktail, you buy vodka and you have another cocktail. It is very simple. It’s also good to have a tonic at home to finish off.

Ingredients we don’t think about but that can make a difference?

For example, activated carbon, which will make your cocktail completely black and it is perfect to surprise your guests. You can do the same with spirulina, to make it blue/green and give it a mild flavor as opposed to charcoal. And if not to replace eggs, you can now use aquafaba in your cocktails, it’s great!

Best aromatic herbs for cocktails?

I’m not going to say mint because I think it’s still a bit classic. I’d say fresh or dried verbena. It goes well with a lot of things. Dry verbena would be more for infusions or syrups while fresh verbena would be more for crushed or shaken cocktails.

Seasonal ingredients to choose from this summer?

I would say red fruits like cherries or raspberries. But also apricots and peaches. And then there are also some products that we do not often use for cocktails, such as cucumber or cantaloupe, even though they bring a lot of freshness.

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