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Chiquis RiveraIn addition to her singing talent, she wears different outfits not only for her appearances but also when she wants to enjoy a day at the beach or pool and decides to wear a daring bikini.

In stretch We’ve compiled three occasions in which Jenni Rivera’s daughter showed off her figure in a stunning swimsuit.

One of the first beach outfits we offer is the blue bikini that the ‘Abeja Reina’ interpreter used to take a dip in the pool.

On this occasion, the artist recorded herself singing her song ‘Because I am the queen bee’ and managed to woo her wide community of followers.

“I always take out the sting”, said the famous lady on that occasion along with the video she shared. Her outfit was completed with a blue turban and large sunglasses that matched her outfit.

Chiquis Rivera’s Best Bikinis

Another appearance in the swimsuit that Chiquis Rivera had was a few months ago on a trip to the Philippines with her boyfriend, Emilio Sánchez.

In a video that she uploaded to her Instagram account, the artist posed in a black bikini and had a snail necklace that gave a tropical touch to her figure.

But that wasn’t all, as the celebrity accompanied the publication with an inspiring message: “Your superpower is to be without regret… YOU! Be who you want to be in this world without being swayed by the opinions of others.” And truly embrace what you want to do. Reaching this resolution is not easy, but once you master it… you experience true happiness! #BU – Flaws and all. ”

Chiquis’ third release in a bikini was a bit more colorful, as she opted for an orange hue that brought out her fair skin.

In the photo, Jenni Rivera’s daughter recorded the moment as she sat enjoying a refreshing drink.

In recent years, the singer has managed to have quite a successful career thanks to her music, her family’s fame and her personality, which many people love and want to know more about ‘Queen B’ , as well as it is known.

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