The most searched stars on the web in 2022: the first is Amber Heard

Land most searched stars on the web in 2022? Amber Heard – not for artistic merits but for the ongoing battle with the ex – e Johnny Depp (immediately in second position). Third Elizabeth II. This is what emerges from the ranking of the most searched stars on the net drawn up by Celeb Tattlera site about Hollywood celebrities, which he analyzed Google search trends data in 2022 in the US by tracking over 150 stars. Here’s who’s in the top ten.

The most searched stars on the net in 2022

1 place, Amber Heard

The most famous on the web – averaging 5.6 million searches each month in the US – this year it’s her.

Obvious at the top because star of the “trial of the year” against Johnny Depp, with whom she was posed for just 15 months between 2015 and 2016. Libel trial following the article published in 2018 on the Washington Post in which Heard called himself “a public figure who represents domestic violence”). Six weeks of photos, videos and excellent witnesses over with Amber having to pour 10 million dollars to her ex-husband (whom she says she doesn’t have) and the latter two million to her.

A few days ago the news that the two have reached a agreement: the actress will compensate her ex-husband with one million euros which he will donate to charity. But Amber Heard made it clear that it’s not an admission of guilt. “I just want to free myself from something I tried to leave behind about six months ago”he wrote on Instagram, «I have not made admissions. It’s not an act of concession.”

Amber Heard. (Getty Images)

2 place, Johnny Depp

With 5.5 million searches per month, in second place of the ranking of the most searched stars on the web, Johnny Depp takes place.

Also in this case, the personal events related to the trial against Amber Heard brought about the boom in research on the actor. After the last act of the reached agreement, l‘former Pirate of the Caribbean he said he was “satisfied”. And his lawyers explained that his goal was not tied so much to money, as “to bring the truth to the surface”.

Johnny Depp. (Getty Images)

3rd place, Queen Elizabeth

In third place in the ranking is the Queen Elizabeth II. After crossing the milestone as the longest-lived sovereign of the United Kingdom (70 years on the throne), she died in September at 96 years old.

The funeral has been very popular for the mourning that saddened subjects, citizens and institutions, about such a legendary figure of the twentieth century. Eternal but not infinite. Then came the contribution of the fifth season of The Crownand maybe also the reflection of the series Harry and Meghan – with the heavy accusations of racism about the Crown.

Queen Elizabeth. (Getty)

4th place, Tom Brady

Fourth in the ranking of the most searched stars on the web is football star Tom Brady. His profile in 2022 had an average of 4.06 million clicks on searches every month.

Again, to attract curiosity, more than his announced retirement from football, it was perhaps the unexpected divorce between him and the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. After 13 years of marriage and two children, news of their separation broke in October. And the clicks are probably soaring.

5th place, Kim Kardashian. 6th place, Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian this year it has surpassed itself by conquering an average of 3.4 million searches per month.

The reasons? Certainly the separation from rapper Kanye West. Already launched last year, this year ended with an agreement taken up by the media from all over the world (she would be entitled to 80% custody of the four children and a monthly allowance of $200,000 for their maintenance).

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala 2022. (Getty Images)

But above all for Marilyn Monroe’s dress worn at the Met Gala and maybe ruined and maybe notwho knows if we will ever know. Finally for the relationship – nine months of social ecstasy – with the comedian Pete Davidson. Which in fact is in 6th place.

Pete Davidson. (Getty Images)

7th place, Elon Musk

The CEO of Twitter and head of Tesla it reached 3.19 million monthly searches. To attract attention the reinstatement of former President Donald Trump on Twitter (from which he had been expelled for his utterances considered uncivilized and inciting violence). But also there disputed management of his social network. Indeed, the wave of layoffs, suspensions and new rules is raising controversy.

So much is the malaise about the “Twitter question”, that Musk has launched an online survey to ask if he should resign. 57.5% said yes. He replied that he will when he finds someone “crazy enough” to replace him.

Elon Musk. (Getty Images)

8th place, Will Smith

The actor of Willy, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air amassed 3.15 million monthly searches.

This year he won theAcademy Award for Best Actor for UWinning Family – King Richardbut he made it big. The night of the delivery of the Statuettes, after an initial laugh, he went on stage and slapped host Chris Rock for making an unfortunate joke about his wife, Jada Smith’s alopecia. Then Will Smith apologized, but the controversy never ended.

Will Smith. (Getty Images)

9th place, Millie Bobby Brown. 10th place, Zendaya

2.78 million monthly Google searches for the star of Stranger Things and among Time’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2018.

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Millie Bobby Brown. (Getty Images)

Closes the top ten of the most searched stars on the net in 2022, Zendaya26 years old, beloved protagonist of Euphoria, searched 2.71 million times a month. In the year that is about to end won his second Emmy just for Euphoriabecoming the youngest winner of two awards for acting in Emmy history.


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