the most stylish stars of the year

They were the ones who shone for style and more, on red carpets all over the world. From the Oscars to the MET Gala to some stolen snaps, find out who’s in our top 10 for 2022

At the end of each vintage we always find a good final balance and, in our case, the subject from which we are about to draw our conclusions is the style. The one from red carpet, the one granted to paparazzi flashes, the innate one or the one created at the table with some stylist or with the hand of some planetary famous designer. We have reviewed the events and releases that have made the most talk to understand who they are the 10 celebrities that have hit our hearts with clothes, accessories and outfits that we will not forget and we must admit that it was not easy at all.

The 2022 it was a full year, the year of the return: social events, festivals, packed parades of guests and film premieres brought back faces that hadn’t been seen for a while and consecrated new names. Rihanna it has given a new shape to the maternity style, not without the usual social media controversies; Jessica Chastain he embraced political causes and, once again and by the book, the inspiration of Alessandro Michele. Alongside them many names that are now synonymous with sublime style and new entry which we will hear about for a long time.

Find out who they are the ten best dressed celebrities of 2022and who deserve the title of style icon of the past year.

10. Hailey Bieber

hailey bieber

Let’s start with her Hailey Bieberin tenth place in our ranking. “it girl”, to put it as they once said, loved and copied for several years, in the last twelve months she has shown off some looks that have had great success. Thanks to her new stylist Karla Welch, already working on her husband Justin’s looks, which allowed her to give us a new trend at every public outing. Not only red carpets and social events for which Hailey plays the role of ambassador for Saint Laurent (another grand coup achieved in 2022): there are countless “off-duty” photos, at coffee or at the petrol pump, which have earned her the title of fashion icon. And never mind if she wasn’t born there, but became, thanks to the hand of a professional.


Opening Hailey Bieber in Saint Laurent.
Above from left: Hailery Bieber with Saint Laurent maxi coat and Bottega Veneta bag – Saint Laurent total look – At the MET Gala with a Saint Laurent total look. Credits: Getty Images

9. Simon Ashley


The second season of Bridgerton who saw her in the leading role helped make her one of the most present celebrities on international red carpets. She is also one of the most loved. Simon Ashley we liked her for her versatility, for the sensual but clean appeal of the silhouettes she loves to wear. Straight-line dresses, with thin shoulder straps, play of textures and hyper-feminine applications that do not however hide the determined character that we read in her eyes. Simone has much more stuff than a milliner.


Above: in Valentine’s Day.
Above from left: at the MET Gala in Moschino – Total look Jacquemus – With a 16Arlington dress and feather stole. Credits: Getty Images

8. Kate Middleton


Bring up i Royals always creates great debate, especially in this period. But let’s forget the family feuds and focus on the look of the one who seems to have been created to perfection the Crown. For Kate Middleton, or rather Catherine Princess of Wales, this has been nothing short of a brilliant year in terms of wardrobe. Long or in a suit, in a camel or black total look, dressed in mourning: we have seen her in so many ways and on every occasion she has hit the mark. Especially in one of the latest extras, in green screen green (for hire) with the emerald chocker that belonged to Lady Diana.


Above Kate Middleton with a camel look.
Above from left: in a green dress by Solace London – In Jenny Packham – A daytime look in shades of burgundy with matching Chanel handbag. Credits: Getty Images

Not only looks that are beautiful to look at, but also to tell because they are studied with logic and with a look at the contemporary. An example? Once again the Princess showed her versatile side in her own way sustainable: wearing the same garment several times is a habit for her which, as she showed with a splendid electric blue Chanel jacket reproposed several times in a couple of months, is worthy of a true queen. In style, and more.


Above from left: Kate Middleton in October and, right, during a basketball game in Boston in December. Same Chanel jacket, different looks. Credits: Getty Images

7. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Someone would say “sometimes they come back”, we say icons don’t go away. AND Naomi Campbell, face and body that have made the history of fashion, has never gone out of style. In the last 12 months, she doesn’t pay for having written some of the most prestigious pages of the fashion system, we have admired her at the height of her glamour. At the photocalls of the main fashion shows as well as on the red carpet of the most important events, all her flashes were for her and for her never predictable looks, always sought after, signed by the best designers. Tisci, Chiuri, Piccioli: the magical trio that once again consecrated Naomi in the Olympus of the most stylish.


Above: Naomi Campbell in Burberry total look.
Above from left: in Valentino – with a Dior total look – In Cannes with a Valentino dress. Credits: Getty Images

6. Rihanna


After a long period away from the stage, Rihanna it came back under the flash just at the least expected moment. The period of her pregnancy was full of events, news and looks that we will never forget. Branded outfits, from Dior to Gucci (which had her in the front row during the fashion shows) that have redesigned the concept, and the preconception, of the maternity style. Transparencies, low-waisted jeans, tops and obviously exposed belly in the role of absolute protagonist.


Top with a total look The Attico.
Above from left: in Dior – in Gucci – in Coperni.
Credits: Getty Images

5. Sydney Sweeney


One of the revelations of the year was Sydney Sweeney. The protagonist of Euphoria and The White Lotus she brought home a lucky 2022 to say the least. Thanks to her role as testimonial for Miu Miu and her always memorable appearances, including the micro skirt of the MTV Movie Awards that took us back to the early 2000s, with Britney, Christina and the desire to still be as old as the characters she plays at Hollywood.


From left: at the MTV Movie Awards in Miu Miu – at the Emmys in Oscar de La Renta – At the Oscar party, in Miu Miu. Credits: Getty Images

4. Jessica Chastain


The divas no longer exist. Or maybe yes, but they keep up with the times, led by Jessica Chastain: a beauty that evokes the Hollywood cinema of the last century but an extraordinary modernity dictated by the choice of a brand-partner who knows how to enhance it and make it unique (Gucci) and by an active role in front of flashes. Of note is her public outing with the t-shirt printed with the name of Mahsa Amini, in support of Iranian women.


From left: with the t-shirt in the name of Mahsa amini – Two red carpets in Gucci. Credits: Getty Imagess

3. Anne Hathaway


After a time away from the flashes, this was definitely his year. Anne Hathaway she returned as the undisputed star of the red carpets and photocalls of the main events and did so in style, thanks to her ambassador agreements with brands such as Bulgari and Valentino, which made her shine like never before. But that’s not all: even on worldly but less glam occasions, such as a match at the US Open, Anne showed a strong sense of style with a knotted shirt, a satin skirt and a pair of mules. A place on the podium if she deserves it and how.


From left: two Valentino looks – A daytime look for the Us Open.
Credits: Getty Images

2. Iris Law


If we were twenty today she would surely be one of our icons of reference. Iris Law, model and actress, has left a mark with every appearance. Playful elements or serious reinterpretations of men’s suits, up to the red carpet in a real Moschino mermaid dress. In the last year we have kept an eye on it (and with us brands such as Prada, Dior and Moschino) and we will certainly continue to do so for a long time to come.


From left: a jacket and miniskirt look – In Moschino at the MET Gala – In Dior. Credits: Getty Images

1. Zendaya


Ultimately, the queen of 2022 was she, Zendaya. The star of Euphoria and Dunes she’s been a well-known name for a long time, she practically grew up with it in Hollywood, but never as in the last 12 months have we seen her so connected to the imagination of contemporary fashion. Face of Valentino, we have seen her play many roles on the red carpet and on photocalls around the world. And for us every role, pardon look, would have earned her another award.


From left: at the Emmys and the Oscars in Maison Valentino. Credits: Getty Images

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