The most successful films with Florence Pugh

Born in Oxfordin the United Kingdom, on 3 January 1996, Florence Pugh (to the registry office Florence Rose Pugh) is a British actress to date among the most promising of Hollywood. Candidate to the Oscar in the category Best Supporting Actress for its interpretation in Little Women, Florence Pugh debuted in the film The Falling of 2014 and will soon return to the cinema, in the role of the protagonist, in the film Don’t Worry Darling.

If you are a fan of Florence Pugh and you would like to dive into the vision of the most successful films that see her in the cast, but you do not know which ones to choose, you are in the right place: in this article you will find five titles not to be missed!

Best movies with Florence Pugh

Below you will find a selection of most successful film with Florence Pugh not to be missed. All the films you find in this article are accompanied by the synopsis and the trailer.

Are you ready to dive into the incredible interpretations of Florence Pugh?

Don’t Worry Darling

We can only begin talking to you about most successful titles with Florence Pugh with Don’t Worry Darling, the next cinema film 22 Septemberintroduced out of competition at the 79th Venice Biennale International Film Festival. In this film directed by the American actress, director and producer Olivia Wilde, Florence Pugh plays the role of Alice, the protagonist. By her side, in this psychological thrillerwe find Harry Styles.


Alice (Pugh) and Jack (Styles) are lucky enough to live in the idealized community of Victory, the city built by an experimental company that hosts, together with their families, the men who work on the top-secret Victory project. The social optimism of the 1950s espoused by their CEO, Frank (Pine) – halfway between a visionary corporate man and a motivational life coach – fixes every aspect of daily life in this utopian place in the middle of the desert.

While husbands spend every day inside the Victory Project headquarters working on “developing innovative materials,” their wives, including Frank’s elegant partner Shelley (Chan), spend time enjoying the beauty, the luxury and debauchery of their community. Life is perfect, and every need of the residents is met by the company. All that is asked in return is discretion and unconditional commitment to the cause of the Victory project.

But when cracks begin to appear in their idyllic life that reveal something sinister beneath the attractive facade, Alice can’t help but wonder exactly what they’re doing at Victory and why. How much will Alice be willing to lose to bring out what is really happening in this paradise?

Little Women

Then we can not fail to mention the film that was worth a Florence a Oscar nomination and who has also received a multitude of others nominationstriumphing in the category best costumes: Little Women. Based on the novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcottthe film (currently only available for purchase and rental) sees Florence in the role of Amy March and, alongside him, many well-known names in cinema, including: Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Timothée Chalamet And Meryl Streep.


Screenwriter and director Greta Gerwig (nominated for 2 Oscars in 2018 with Lady Bird) made the Little Women film based on both Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel and her writings, retracing the life of the alter ego back and forth in time. by the author, Jo March.

According to Gerwig, the much-loved story of the March sisters – four young women each determined to pursue their dreams – is both timeless and current.

Black Widow

Among the best films they see in the cast Florence Pugh then we find Black Widow, the twenty-fourth title of theMarvel Cinematic Universe, dedicated to the homonymous character. Available on Disney +, Black Widow see Florence in the role of Yelena Belovasister of Natasha.


Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, grapples with her darker sides as she faces a dangerous conspiracy linked to her past. Haunted by a force that will stop at nothing to destroy her, Natasha will have to deal with her past experiences as a spy and the unresolved relationships she left behind long before becoming an Avenger.

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Midsommar – The village of the damned

Another film that has taken home several awards and nominations and that sees Florence Pugh in the role of the protagonist is Midsommar – The village of the damned. Gender horror, dramatic, thrillerthe film is available on Netflix And Prime Video.


The director of Hereditary – The roots of evil takes us to a small village in Sweden where a legendary festival takes place every ninety years in the height of summer.
But for a group of friends, what was supposed to be an idyllic vacation soon turns into a terrifying nightmare.

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Lady Macbeth

Finally, the last title we want to tell you about is the movie that allowed a Florence to take home the British Independent Film Awards for Best actress: Lady Macbeth. Released in 2016, the film sees Florence Pugh as Catherine, the protagonist, and is available on Prime Video.


English countryside, 1865. Katherine is trapped in a loveless marriage with a cold man twice her age. When she weaves a passionate clandestine relationship with a young farmer, a force is unleashed within her that it won’t stop her at nothing.

Now that you know the most successful films of the Hollywood promise you just have to choose which one to start from to create a marathon entirely dedicated to the actress!

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