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August: for many “the” month of holidays and vacations. And, having more free time, also the most popular month for repatriations between friends and relatives.

Especially this summer, which is scoring a gradual return to sociability. A newfound desire to be together that in Italy, ça va sans dire, nine times out of ten is celebrated at the table. Even staying at home, as will happen to many people on the occasion of the Mid-August.

But in addition to great company and good foodwhat are the more useful or special accessories for a pleasant lunch? Here are some ideas to get ideas from last minute purchases.

The mise en place is informal

A colorful tablecloth and everyday crockery: whether you celebrate at the sea, in the countryside or in the city, on August 15th the ideal mise en place is lively and informal, in line with the carefree spirit typical of the summer season. To avoid, however, disposable glasses, not very sustainable and often ugly to look at: it is better to choose those in glass, even mixing different services in a creative way.

And if lunch is standing and there may be difficulties in recognizing yours, the solution is i colored glass markers (in the photo, the Fiesta! set by Legami).

The inevitable barbecue

Whether it is meat, fish or just vegetables, Ferragosto also means grilled. Therefore barbecue.

And do not worry if the environment is small: there are space-saving models such as the table of Eva Solowhich includes a cooking grill, a stainless steel brazier and a wooden stand, or Mon Oncle’s RS Barcelona, which when closed looks like a vintage briefcase.

Smart accessories

The watermelon: undoubtedly the fruit that best represents Ferragosto. For those who have difficulty serving it, there are convenient accessories with which it is possible to obtain precise slices without effort and without getting too dirty. “Smart” also i reusable ice cubes that cool drinks without watering them down.

Pop corn, crepes or cotton candy?

For a moment of fun and sharing with the little ones of the family the proposals of the Party Time line by Aries, composed of small appliances with a retro look inspired by the American diners of the fifties. They range from the crepes machine to the popcorn machine, from the waffle machine to the cotton candy machine.

Nomadic lamps

If the party goes on even after dark, some are also useful wireless outdoor lamps light and easy to move. If you have the possibility, you could opt for a design model that is the right mix of form and function: that illuminates and at the same time furnishes with a touch of glamor.

Like Cri Cri di Foscarini, which takes its name from the chirping of cicadas and can be either hung or placed on the ground or on a table. Or like the green outdoor version of the Mayday multipurpose lamp by Flos, made of sustainable polypropylene made from industrial waste and assembled without glue. Or you can choose multifunction lamps such as Cubo di Slidewhich also acts as a coffee table or stool, or Rabbit’s Qeeboowhich is both a lamp and a chair.

Objects to buy now, for the summer holidays, and reuse on a thousand other occasions.

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