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According to Houston scientists, raising and lowering muscle improves blood sugar fluctuation and doubles the rate of fat metabolism on a par with walking.

the dream of all lazy people: to burn fat from the desk. possible? Maybe not quite like taking a run or playing a high intensity tennis match, for it seems like a small calf movement can effectively limit the negative effects of sitting still and sitting by enhancing the body’s metabolic activities, like walking. This was discovered by scientists from the University of Houston and Texas led by Professor Marc Hamiltonprofessor of Health and Human Performance.

The risks of sedentary lifestyle

Regardless of a person’s level of physical activity, sitting too much has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia and more. Over half of all American adults and 80% of people over 65 live with metabolic problems caused by diabetes or prediabetes. Having a low seated metabolic rate is particularly problematic for people at high risk of age-related metabolic diseases such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Innovative metabolic solutions could help prevent these diseases.

The soleus muscle

The magical movement studied concerns thel muscle of the soleuswhich is located in the calf area and it represents only 1% of our body weight: moving it with what scientists have called Soleus Pushup (SPU). Its correct activation can sustain a high local oxidative metabolism for hours, regulating blood sugar more effectively than other methods such as intermittent fasting or exercise, using a different fuel says Marc Hamilton who posted the work on iScience. We never imagined that the soleus had this ability. Until now, no one had ever studied how to use it to improve our health. The research without original beam and in many ways innovative confirms Gianfranco Beltrami, vice president of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation. The damage of sedentary care and above all the disadvantages linked to prolonged immobility while sitting at the desk have been known for some time, a situation that favors overweight, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, every contribution to limit these damages is an important brick

The mechanism

In their study, the scientists found that the activation of the soleus, instead of breaking down glycogen, the type of carbohydrate used to fuel muscle exerciseburns fat and other types of carbohydrates. The soleus depends on glycogen in much lower percentages than normal and this helps to support it to work for hours without fatigue, say the researchers

How the exercise is performed

How do you perform the soleus push-up? Sit down with your feet completely flat on the ground, keeping your muscles relaxed. At this point the heels must be raised to the maximum, making sure to keep the toe firm on the ground and then return to the starting position. According to the researchers, this movement is the opposite of walking, which instead uses the least amount of energy possible. The soleus push-up uses a lot of energy, albeit of a different type.

The benefits

During the tests it was seen that this exercise led to a 52% improvement in blood glucose fluctuation and 60% less insulin requirement in the 3 hours following ingestion of a glucose drink. And it also doubled the rate of fat metabolism, reducing the overall level of fat in the blood (which contributes to high cholesterol). The push-ups of the soleo – continues Beltrami – certainly represent a useful solution, even if very monotonous , to improve the health of those forced to sit for many hours a day as it is seen that it is not enough to do physical activity a few hours a week if then all the other hours of the day are spent motionless, sitting or in the car or in bed. Other studies are known that have confirmed the usefulness of a standing workstation that allows you to burn more fat, promote circulation and correct posture.. Working on your feet they wear out in fact about 200 calories more as if they did 30 minutes of exercise bike every day. Surely every muscle movement including the repetitive one of a small muscle such as the soleus has a metabolic and cardiovascular benefit and every person should find the time, motivation and constancy to devote a part of the day to physical activity to combat diseases and maintain better physical but also mental efficiency

The limits

The work of the University of Houston is not a clinical study, but a laboratory study and was carried out under controlled conditions. The movements of the soleus push up, if performed poorly, may not achieve the desired results. The researchers themselves are aware of this limit but are optimistic for the future, believing that other field investigations will lead to confirm that a correct biomechanical movement, the soleus pushup could represent a metabolic aid for those with a sedentary lifestyle, without moving from the desk. No, this is not a new fitness advice capable of replacing other physical activities, the researchers themselves say, but an important physiological movement capable of exploiting the special characteristics of the still little known muscle: the soleus.

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