The movies and TV series to see if you loved Bridgerton

You miss it. We know it. The court dances, Lady Whistledown’s gossip and especially those tormented and romantic loves were pure (guilty) pleasure. Unfortunately the second season of Bridgerton it’s fake and we should wait at least a year to see the next one. It is therefore up to find surrogates to console us from the provisional The end and let us breathe those magical atmospheres again. After all, the “secret recipe” of Bridgerton it is basically made up of three ingredients: the loves of sturm und drang; the charm of the omniscient gossip whose true identity no one knows; the costume settings. Sure, only Shonda Rhimes has managed to combine them so effectively, but it is equally true that there are films and TV series that explore at least one of these three ingredients with originality.

So here are some tips on what you could see, at the cinema or on TV, waiting for Bridgerton 3. It will not be exactly like gazing, again, the handsome Duke of Hastings or Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) but in some cases you will will get very close. Tell us what you are missing, and we will tell you what to see …

For Lady Whistledown fans

This is easy. If you were only interested in Lady Whistledown’s wizardry and, in your heart, you think Shonda was wrong to reveal her true identity right away, then your new guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. Both the “original” version, that is the one dated early 2000s, and the most recent, in 2.0 mode, launched by Sky. The difference is that in the first case, until the end, you will not know who is blowing “the scandalous lives of the Manhattan elite”, while in the modern remake the identity of Gossip Girl is immediately known to the viewer. We, incurable romantics, are fond of the former, but precisely … we are incurable romantics.

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Penelope’s character in Bridgerton

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If you think you have the wrong era

Looking at Bridgerton, are you convinced that someone has fiddled with the levers of the time machine, throwing you into the wrong historical era? Well, then any story involving bodices, horseback riding, court dances and etiquette is for you. And you are lucky too: has just been released in theaters Downton Abbey 2 – A new era. Of course, technically the events take place a century after those of the Bridgerton house but it is still a period film, where the question of “getting married” takes hold in every shot. In addition there is the servants life aspect which adds even more spice to the plot.

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The TV series is also for you The gilded Agealready renamed as the Downton Abbey American. After all, the pen is that: Sir Julian Fellowes is always behind the project. Only this time ours has decided to leave the British atmosphere to “move” to America. Here are in fact set the events of The gilded age which tries to reconstruct the conflict that reigned between tradition and modernity at the end of the nineteenth century. The protagonists are Christine Baranski (The Good Wife), proud heiress guardian of tradition, and the new neighbor Carrie Coon (The Leftovers), decidedly more bourgeois and modern. The real diamond in the rough cast is though Louisa Jacobson Gummerone of Meryl Streep’s daughters, who certainly inherited the talent from her mother.

Reason or feeling?

Let’s face it. Shonda Rhimes didn’t say anything that the Austen sisters hadn’t told before. So if you miss the fatal attraction between soulmates to death, with attached platonic gazes, dialectical skirmishes and hatreds that turn into visceral loves, well, do a binge watch of the literary adaptations by Jane Austin. There are tons of them. We advise you to start with a nice DVD of Pride and Prejudicethe film with Keira Knightley which brought home something like four Academy Award nominations, a couple more Golden Globes and a Critics Choice Award nomination. If you are also a cinephile, well, then you can’t miss the Italian version of Pride and Prejudice: dated 1957, deploys a then very young Virna Lisi in the role of the stubborn protagonist. You can find it on Rai Play.

A good alternative is also Reason and sentimentbut in the version interpreted by the one and only Kate Winsletavailable on the platform Rakuten Tv. Actually there is also a serial adaptation of the famous novel: it is the miniseries Sense and sensibility, license plate BBC. In any case, both in Pride and Prejudice that in Reason and sentiment, the plot revolves on the (im) possible compatibility, in love, of opposite feelings such as pride and prejudice, reason and sentiment. All seasoned with feminist claims: Jane Austen he had understood first of all how deleterious arranged marriages were, claiming the rights of women.

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We also suggest an injection of Emmain its various declinations: you can choose between the first adaptation, license plate 1996 with a Gwyneth Paltrow who still wasn’t fiddling with vagina-scented candles, or the 2020 movie with the chess queen Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of the protagonist. The story is well known: Emma does not care about getting married but, on the other hand, she loves combining loves between her friends.

The great must watch, however, is Sanditon: the TV series inspired by the unfinished novel by Jane Austen and which deploys the beautiful and fascinating Theo James (Divergent). The title went very well with us and was so appreciated that even Tv2000 wanted it, despite the tones not exactly like the schoolgirl of the story. Overseas, on the other hand, he had some setbacks: after two seasons he seemed to be about to be canceled, then the title was renewed for another two seasons. Unfortunately without James as the protagonist.

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Queens forever

It is useless to go around it. Bridgerton we also like the whole thing that marriageable women have to win the queen’s favor. Court life has always had its charm and, if you miss it, you are spoiled for choice. Up Netflix you can see each other in one breath The crown, the TV series that tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II and, with it, three quarters of the history of the English kingdom. Instead, the TV series has more caustic tones The greatwith Elle Fanning in the role of Catherine the Great. You can retrieve it on Starzplay. If, on the other hand, you prefer to focus on a film, it’s worth brushing up Maria Antonietta: the director Sofia Coppola reinterprets the life of the famous sovereign in a pop key, here interpreted by Kristen Dunst.

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