The must-see movies of 2023

Friday 23 December 2022 – Unmissable

Great authors and glorious icons, cinecomix and cinegames, musicals and animation, as well as obviously various Italian projects of great interest with Sollima, Garrone, Moretti, Costanzo and even Sydney’s new comedy Sibilia. Will 2023 finally be rich enough to rekindle the love of cinema in the public, tarnished by the lifestyle change of the pandemic and the fierce competition of the ever more numerous platforms? It is certainly no coincidence that several upcoming films, anticipated in 2022 by the love letter to the big screen of The Fabelmans, will talk about the world of cinema, whether it’s Chazelle’s Hollywood, Sam Mendes’ English theaters or Costanzo and Moretti’s Cinecittà. A type of storytelling that TV, by its more industrial nature, cannot replicate. On the other hand the blockbusters seem to be more playful than ever, ranging from Barbie to Dungeons & Dragons until Super Mario and Gran Turismo they embrace the whole playful scene. After a decade of superhero domination – in a bit of trouble right now – will games be Hollywood’s new frontier?

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