The ‘mysterious’ video of Putin and Zelensky ‘trolla’ – Watch

Vladimir Putin’s hand ‘crosses’ the microphone? Is the video of the Russian president retouched on the computer? No, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky prefers to be clear: when he concludes his speech, he grabs the microphone and moves it with a blatant gesture. In the war between Russia and Ukraine, told online and discussed on social networks without solution, there is also space for the detailed analysis of the leaders’ gestures. In particular, the speech given by Putin yesterday in Moscow, in an event attended by some flight attendants, ends up in the spotlight.

On Twitter, the clips were dissected, looking for curious elements and particular details. One above all seems to have monopolized the attention: at a certain point, the hand of the Russian president seems to pass through the microphone. On Twitter, the race for explanation starts: there are those who hypothesize the use of CGI animation, those who bet on the use of the chroma key to overlay different videos (“Putin was alone, the flight attendants have been ‘added'”) and who dismantles the case by attributing the apparent anomalous effect to a particular compression of the video, with consequent loss of definition of the images. Among assorted theories, on the other side of the fence here is Zelensky’s ‘concrete’ gesture at the end of the day. The Ukrainian president, at the end of one of his messages disseminated via social media, takes a few seconds to clarify that everything is real in Kiev: he takes the microphone and moves it.

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