The naked Britney Spears caused a scandal. The star has been eagerly presenting its charms before

Britney Spears
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Britney Spears is celebrating the freedom regained after 13 years by publishing disassembled photos online. Fearing hate, the artist decided to turn off comments on Instagram posts. All those who are outraged by the content posted by the princess of pop must catch up.

Britney Spears naked on Instagram – is this an exaggeration? The pop princess stunned followers of her social media profile by posting a picture of her completely undressed on Instagram. The artist covered only the perineum and nipples, because, as you know, the website blocks photos where only the female ones are visible. Recently, Madonna herself drew attention to the problem of unequal treatment of men and women, whose photo was deleted after she exposed her breast. The artist did not hide her indignation. Britney Spears does not hide that her nude photos are a manifesto and a way to celebrate regained freedom. Thanks to the support of the fans, the singer freed herself from the abusive tutelage of her father and co-workers. The nude photos, however, provoked extreme comments. Some Internet users have even suggested that they are proof that the singer is still not doing well. Are you sure?


Do you think Britney is exaggerating?

Britney Spears naked has caused outrage

Britney Spears fans immediately pointed out that many artists also post pictures taken apart, and are not criticized for it. Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga, among others, decided to post nude photos online. It is also worth mentioning that over the years the pop princess has willingly undressed both in music videos and on stage. Below we remind you of the clips in which she went all out. We certainly believe that posting the photos Britney has posted on the web is not a reason to control someone’s life and property.


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