The national team’s coach gave the composition of the European Championship. An important link was missing

Just before the tournament started, two players were unlucky: the right quarterback Rafał Przybylski and the circular Dawid Dawydzik. According to information from the Handball Federation in Poland, both players tested positive for the presence of the coronavirus. As a result, they were both isolated and will not take part in the European Championship.

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Squad without a left-handed quarterback

Especially the lack of one of the most important players of the team – Rafał Przybylski, the right quarterback, is a problem for coach Patryk Rombl. At this point, the Polish coach does not have a single classic left-handed quarterback.

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Rombel will probably decide to play in this position the universal playmaker Kacper Adamski or Michał Daszek, the right-winger of Orlen Wisła Płock. The latter, in this position, also often plays for the club and does it successfully.

– I feel sorry for the absence of Dawydzik, because he presented himself very well in the preseason and would be an added value for our team. The lack of Przybylski intersects tactical plans mainly in defense, because our team will manage without this player – says Wojciech Staniec, editor-in-chief of

There is also some good information. Szymon Sićko, the main left quarterback, is in the white and red squad. The coaching staff counts on this player, especially in the offensive. Especially that in recent months he has shone in the colors of Łomża Vive Kielce in the Champions League matches.

Coach Patryk Rombel decided to take the Euro with two goalkeepers, four wheelers, four winger and eight playmakers.

Four players will have a chance to make a debut in the championship tournament: Bartłomiej Bis and three playmakers: Damian Przytuła, Ariel Pietrasik and Piotr Jędraszczyk.

In the group stage, the Poles will play against the Austrians (January 14), Belarusians (January 16) and Germany (January 18). The best two teams from the six groups will advance to the next phase.

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Composition of the Polish national team for the European Championship:


  • Mateusz Kornecki (Łomża Vive Kielce),
  • Adam Morawski (Orlen Wisła Płock),


  • Michał Daszek,
  • Przemysław Krajewski (both Orlen Wisła Płock),
  • Jan Czuwara (Vardar Skopje 1961),
  • Arkadiusz Moryto (Łomża Vive Kielce),

The quarterback:

  • Michał Olejniczak,
  • Szymon Sićko (both Łomża Vive Kielce),
  • Kacper Adamski,
  • Maciej Pilitowski (both Energa MKS Kalisz),
  • Piotr Jędraszczyk (from Piotrkowian),
  • Ariel Pietrasik (TSV St. Otmar St. Gallen, Switzerland),
  • Damian Przytuła (Górnik Zabrze),
  • Piotr Chrapkowski (SC Magdeburg, Germany),


  • Kamil Syprzak (Paris Saint-Germain),
  • Patryk Walczak (Vardar Skopje 1961),
  • Maciej Gębala (SC DHfK Leipzig),
  • Bartłomiej Bis (Górnik Zabrze).

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