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Netflix has shown the first trailer for “Heart of Stone”, the next action thriller that will see the famous actress Gal Gadot in the role of the protagonist: here is a first taste with all the statements of the actors and the images of the film that will arrive in the catalog already from 2023.

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming action movie “Heart of Stone”. The clip was shown last Saturday during “Tudum”, the event that Netflix dedicated to its fans and in which it presented much of the content that will soon be available on the streaming platform.

“Heart of Stone” will appear in the catalog in the course of 2023, however there is no more precise information with the release date. From the first images of the trailer we can understand that the film will be an international spy thriller, which is inspired by the franchises of successful action “Mission Impossible” and “007 – James Bond” in a female key. However, the details of the plot were kept under wraps.

Netflix strongly believes in the project and in the possibility of extending the film with sequels. Proof of this is the firm and decisive victory at the auction to grab the exploitation rights of the concept, after Skydance, the previous owner, had placed it on the market. collaborated for the realization of several successful television series at home, he directed some episodes of the British series Peaky Blinders. The screenplay is by cartoonist Greg Rucka and American Allison Schroeder, former co-writer of “The Right to Count” in 2016 with which she was nominated for best non-original screenplay at the Oscars.

Skydance’s David Ellison, Dana Goldberg and Don Granger will produce alongside Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn, Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano. play the role of an action character. Just think of the iconic role of Wonder Woman in the saga dedicated to the character within the DC Extended Universe, or even the role in the hit movie “Red Notice” also by Netflix and released in November 2021. Or much earlier, with the appearance in the film saga of “Fast and Furious” in which she played Gisele, the role that launched her on the big screen.

Next to Gal Gadot, we will see the Northern Irish Jamie Dornan: the Christian Gray of the famous series “Fifty Shades” has been assigned the role of Parker. The mysterious figure of Keya will be played by the British actress of Indian origins Alia Bhatt, well known in Indian cinema but her debut in a Western production. The cast is completed by several British actors including Sophie Okonedo and Jing Lusi. Filming took place in London, Iceland and Lisbon.

Netflix “Heart of Stone” trailer: analysis of the clip

Right from the start of the trailer, “Heart of Stone” looks like a classic spy action movie. Although the short duration of the film does not suggest many details of the plot, there are numerous high-risk action scenes, shootings, car chases and explosions. This also led Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan to define the film as raw, super realistic and epic in scope. clues on the narrative, with interviews and statements by the actors themselves.

And in fact, more specifically, we find the protagonist Gal Gadot stating that Heart of Stone will be a very solid brutal action thriller and that the intent of the project was to make sure to keep the narrative in a realistic way, so that viewers could empathize in the tension and pain felt by the protagonists. Her Rachel is a woman of action who cannot do without risk and adrenaline. Finally, Alia Bhatt praises the cast, with whom she felt in tune in the acting of the characters.

The scenes related to the film show a worried Rachel, a CIA agent, embroiled in a mission to recover something precious, dangerous but unspecified. In a cryptic conversation on the phone, the same protagonist assumes that another character is no longer compromised, an indication that perhaps there are some infiltrators within the same global organization.

From here, many daring scenes of action, chases and shootings start that immediately recall the adventures of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in Mission Impossible. There is no shortage of scenes at the limit such as a fight on heavy vehicles in the race or as an extreme parachuting.

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