The Netherlands. Married couple with coronavirus arrested on plane after escaping quarantine

According to the services, the couple was arrested on Sunday evening on board the plane, just before departure. They stayed in the hotel after being diagnosed with coronavirus infection; it is not known whether it is a new variant of the omicron.

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The Netherlands. Escape from the plane of a married couple in quarantine

According to the daily “Het Parool”, the Portuguese and the Spaniards tried to escape and tried to get to Spain.

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After the arrest, the marriage was transferred to the health authorities. The Dutch daily “De Telegraaf” reports that the couple may be accused of violating the national quarantine rules.

61 of the 600 passengers on Friday’s flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Amsterdam have tested positive for COVID-19, including a pair of runaways. Most of those infected were sent to hotel quarantine, although some Dutch citizens were allowed to do so at home. Authorities said at least 13 out of 61 infected passengers are carriers of the new omicron variant.

Lockdown in the Netherlands

A three-week lockdown has been in force in the Netherlands since Sunday, introduced due to the sharp increase in the number of coronavirus infections. (PAP, kjm / akl /)


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