The Netherlands. Saturday’s protest against segregation has been canceled

The reason for the change of plans is Friday riots in Rotterdam, during which police officers fired shots at protesters.

Demonstration against restrictions canceled

“We are not able to guarantee the safety of participants,” says United We Stand, published on Facebook. The organization called on people who planned to join the protest not to come to the capital.

The City Hall of Amsterdam (Gemeente Amsterdam) also informed about the cancellation of the demonstration.

The police shot people

The dramatic events took place on Friday evening in Rotterdam. In the streets of the city, demonstrators against the new covid restrictions clashed with the police. Police injured at least two people. It was later reported that the number of injured had increased to at least 7 people.

A police spokesman confirmed in an interview with Reuters that officers fired on protestors because “the situation was life threatening”. Two people were injured by police bullets and 20 were arrested.

Due to the riots in Rotterdam, a state of emergency was introduced and the main train station was closed.

Return of restrictions in the Netherlands

Last week, due to the rapidly growing number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands, new epidemic restrictions apply. In shops and other public places masks must be worn again, and the so-called covid certificates are valid not only in restaurants and cinemas, but also in museums, gyms and sports clubs.

The principle of social distancing with a distance of 1.5 meters is also returning, as well as working from home for at least half a week.

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