The Netherlands. The rapper urged violence against leading politicians

On July 6 last year, just days after the murder of investigative journalist Peter Vries, the rapper known under the pseudonym Convex Kafka wrote on Twitter that mafiosi should deal with “Mark and Hugo” instead of a journalist.

The prosecutor’s office saw this as incitement to violence against the prime minister and the minister of health and took Van de V to court.

“Politicians are increasingly becoming victims of threats and intimidation,” argued the judge who sentenced the accused to six weeks’ imprisonment, four of which were suspended.

A few days ago, the police arrested a 52-year-old man who had threatened to kill Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the police detained a man with a flaming torch in front of the house of the social-liberal leader D66 Sigrid Kaag, who was threatening the deputy.

The health minister recently complained on the Op1 talk show that he receives threats and insults daily. For security reasons, on December 24, a makeshift police station was opened in front of his apartment.

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