The new Battlefield will start a new story universe. EA about plans for the series and changes after the defeat of BF2042

Electronic Arts realizes that Battlefield 2042 is not as good as everyone dreamed of it, and has decided to make some staffing changes at the highest levels in EA DICE, as well as comment on the future of the brand.

Speaking of the former, it is necessary to mention the departure of EA DICE by the CEO, Oskar Gabrielson, who decided to start a new venture with no ties to Electronic Arts. An important place in the Swedish team will be taken by Vince Zampella from Respawn Entertainment, who will play the role of the new boss of the Battlefield series.

With his help, as well as Marcus Lehto (formerly working on the Halo brand), who is to deal with the creation of story campaigns for new games from the Battlefield series with his team, a new start for the brand is to begin, which will be expanded with narratives offering a “diverse experience” . They will lay the groundwork for “storytelling now and in the future”:

We are going to build a Battlefield universe, which will include many interconnected and player-related projects.

Electronic Arts director Laura Miele thinks Vince Zampella is the right person in the right place. The developer is to be the key to the development of the Battlefield series – incl. thanks to his experience in working on series such as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.

Zampella himself is honored to be able to work on the Battlefield franchise – his statements show that he is ready to offer intriguing story stories, not forgetting to implement innovative solutions in the upcoming shooters:

Battlefield is rich in possibilities, both in terms of its single-player story and its overall “universe” where our teams can create innovative gameplay experiences. Really, anything is possible.

It is worth noting that the new role in the Battlefield brand is only a “supplement” to the current obligations of this developer. He will continue to oversee the full-fledged sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is being developed by Respawn Entertainment.

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