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Spotted in a practically definitive version, the new generation of the German maxi enduro is shown with a brand new boxer engine and chassis

September 21, 2022

R.isale al 2013 the latest evolution of the BMW boxer engine that equipped the R1200GSwhile in 2018 the distribution command was added ShiftCam which reinvigorated the boxer’s performance – meanwhile inflated to 1,254 of the Italian Civil Code – air / liquid cooled, increased to 136 horsepower.

No.n 2021 the first images of the prototypes of the new GS generation circulated and in March of this year the abbreviations R1300GS, R1400GS and M1300GS appeared on the BMW website: this was the confirmation of the change of pace of the GS series.
A change made possible by the development of a new unit driving force.

A last unofficial image shows the new GS 1300 partially covered by a cloth: it is not seen in its entirety, and therefore not in its aesthetics, but the photograph is sufficient to have a couple of confirmations important.

Lat first is that you clearly notice a new boxerwhich is combined with a frame different from the current one, the second is that the bike now seems definitive e well finished in the visible parts.

In short, everything suggests that the R1300GS will be a model for sale in 2023 and which is very likely to be unveiled at Intermot-Cologne.

Let’s start with the boxer. From what you can see it is a new unit, the designs of the heads, cylinders and crankcases change, we move on to cooling completely at liquid and it would appear that the lubrication both with semi-dry sump.
Presence is taken for granted variable valve timing ShiftCam, even more essential in terms of reducing emissions, while it is possible that the increase in displacement has brought the maximum power closer to the roof of the 140-145 horses.

And‘confirmed the front suspension Teleleverwith a different attachment to the engine / frame unit and the latter seems to have been significantly modified in the design

The design of the fairingwith the high duckbill fender, looks like it has a smaller headlight as seen on the prototypes and the dimensions of the front have the air of being a little more compact and sporty than the current R1250GS.

An exhaust is mounted on this specimen Akrapovic with double superimposed silencer which will be part of the accessories range; the wheels have a new design and, again according to the prototypes of which you can find the photos in the gallery above, the swingarm is also new single arm Paralever which incorporates the shaft transmission.

AndIt is then possible that the R1400GS does not have a higher displacement, but takes the place of the model Adventurewhile the M1300GS may have a higher off-road definition.


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