The new car and top-up incentives are finally in the Gazzetta

new incentives
Prime Minister Mario Draghi with Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti: 130 days to launch the 2022 incentives.

The new incentives for home recharging and those, increased, for the purchase of non-polluting cars with an ISEE of less than 30 thousand euros arrive in the Gazzetta. The decree, approved by the Council of Ministers on 4 August (read) was published in the Official Gazette yesterday, 4 October. It will enter into force within the following 15 days, with the ministerial provisions governing the disbursement procedures. Qso by the end of the month it will be possible to access the discount.

new incentives

Up to 7,500 euros with ISEE under 30,000 euros

As is known, the decree provides for 2022 “the raising to 50% of the contributions foreseen so far for the purchase of non-polluting vehicles, in the hypothesis in which the buyer has an income of less than 30 thousand euros “. These amounts to him

  • up to a maximum of 7,500 euros contributions with scrapping (€ 6,000 without scrapping) for the purchase of new factory M1 category vehicles approved in a class of not less than Euro 6, with emissions included in the 0-20 g / km CO2 (electric) range, with price from the official price list of the car manufacturer equal to or less than 35,000 euros excluding VAT;
  • up to a maximum of 6,000 euros contributions with scrapping (3,000 euros without scrapping) for the purchase of new factory M1 category vehicles approved in a class of not less than Euro 6, with emissions in the 21-60 g / km CO2 band, with official list price of the car manufacturer equal to or less than 45,000 euros excluding VAT.

New incentives extended to legal entities

You will be able to benefit from the new “enhanced” incentives only one subject within the same family unit, while they are also extended to legal persons who rent cars as long as they keep ownership of them for at least 12 months.

new incentives

Also for the year 2022, a “contribution for the purchase of standard power infrastructures for charging powered vehicles ad electric energy.

Even wallboxes discounted by 80%, at home and in condominiums

The contribution is equal to 80% of the purchase and installation pricewithin the maximum limit of 1,500 euros per applicant. They rise to 8,000 euro in the event of installation on the common parts of condominium buildings.

The incentive is financed up to 40 million euros, with resources from the Automotive Fund.

A second intervention, on the other hand, concerns the allocation of the remaining portion of the resources of the “Automotive Fund”. It is worth € 8.7 billion until 2030. The resources are dedicated to financing the subsidy instruments to favor the development of the sector supply chain. They promote settlement, reconversion and redevelopment towards innovative and sustainable forms of production, as well as favoring the green transition, research and investment.

The resources are divided as follows: 50 million euros for the year 2022 and 350 million euros for each of the years from 2023 to 2030. 70% of them are allocated to development contracts and the remaining 30% to agreements for innovation.

For more information on the new incentives, consult the Ecobonus section on the website of the Ministry for Economic Development (Mise).

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