The new challenge on TikToku mocks the illness of a famous musician. Users don’t know this

The challenge on TikTok appeared after the publication of an interview with a musician suffering from Alzheimer’s. TikTokers are probably not aware that when taking part in a new challenge, they sing along with sick people.

TikTok is currently one of the most popular applications among young people who are eager to record short films with their dance performances. Of course, TikTok is not only about dancing teenagers, but also tutorials or videos from interesting places in the world. There are constantly new challenges on TikTok, some are interesting, some are stupid, some are dangerous. The one you are about to read about may offend many people.

"Honey Challenge" conquers TikTok.  However, the new challenge may have cruel consequences

The new challenge on TikToku mocks the illness of a famous musician. Users don’t know this

The challenge is related to the 95-year-old singer Tony Bennett, who decided to end his career due to health problems. The musician suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and during an interview with “60 Minutes“the singer completely forgot about the performance with Lady Gaga, which took place a few weeks ago.

The recording of this conversation went viral and TikTok even raised a challenge referring to this interview. It consists in the fact that Using a specific song, users talk about situations they do not remember, e.g. a party. Most TikTokers are probably unaware of Bennett’s disease, but that doesn’t excuse them to make fun of a musician who has had Alzheimer’s since 2016.

One of the TikTokers, molliesrecords, appealed not to record any more videos for this challenge and encourage users to support the collection to help people suffering from this disease.


Tony Bennett is currently the new Guinness record holder in the Oldest Person category to release an album with premiere material. The 95-year-old artist released “Love For Sale” with Lady Gaga and announced that this is the last album in his career.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett came up with the idea to record “Love For Sale” shortly after their first album, “Cheek To Cheek” debuted at the top of the Billboard chart in 2015. Recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, the album “Love For Sale” is a mixture of jazz, big band and orchestral arrangements.

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