The new coach of Poles will have a huge challenge. There was no such situation

Every day we learn from the media that successive coaches are sending their applications for the coach of the Polish national team to the president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza. The head of Polish football will soon make a decision, and it is to be announced by January 19.

The new coach of Biało-Czerwonych will not have much time to get to know the team, because on March 24 in Łużniki there will be a play-off match for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar. The Poles will face the Russians there.

The situation of the new manager becomes even more difficult as he will have the full team at his disposal only during one training session – on Tuesday, March 22nd.

All because the FIFA window opens on Monday, March 21. The domestic leagues will be played on the weekend of March 19-20. Many Poles will come to the training camp on Monday, and this is almost 99 percent. excludes them from participating in training.

“If most of our players play league matches on Sunday, they will come to the training camp on Monday, which will practically exclude their participation in training that day. The only normal training unit will be on Tuesday, because on Wednesday they will fly to Moscow” – wrote Jakub Kwiatkowski, spokesman PZPN.

Jakub Kwiatkowski's entry on TwitterJakub Kwiatkowski’s Twitter entry – Press materials

The match between Russia and Poland is scheduled to start at 18.00.

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