The new curator, Britney Spears, has a bleak past. He was denied custody of his mother

Thanks to the new lawyer Matthew Rosengart, Britney Spears’ struggle to end the incapacitation that she has been legally held for 13 years has gained significant momentum. An even more important issue for the star is to remove her father Jamie Spears from the function of the curator managing her multi-million dollar fortune. When the singer will be able to fully decide about herself again, it is not known yet, but the moment when her father will stop being her curator is certainly much closer.

In early August, Britney Spears’s lawyer filed a motion to the court for the immediate removal of her father from guardianship over her daughter, which was motivated by the trauma and harm to the singer. “Jamie Spears ‘removal from probation is critical to Britney Spears’ emotional health and well-being and is in her interest. Each day that passes is avoidable harm and harm to Mrs. Spears and her property“- Rosengart wrote in court documents cited by TMZ. The lawyer also mentioned the name of an accountant Jason Rubin, who could replace Spears as the singer’s curator.

The application was rejected by the court without giving any reason, but in mid-August the case took an unexpected turn. Jamie Spears, through his lawyer, filed a statement with the court in which he declared his readiness to resign from the function of his daughter’s probation officer.

Mr. Spears is a constant target of unjustified media attacks, does not believe that a public battle with his daughter for his continued service as her probation officer would be in her best interest. So, while he must contest this unjustified removal request, Mr. Spears intends to work with the court and his daughter’s new attorney to prepare for an orderly transition to a new probation officer, “Pagesix quoted in a Los Angeles Superior Court document.

The same site has now revealed that the accountant whom the singer’s lawyer indicated as a possible replacement for Jamie Spears is a person who was once denied custody of his own mother. According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Jason Rubin filed an application in early 2020 in which he sought to become the temporary – and ultimately permanent – caretaker of his mother, Ida Rubin, due to her worsening mental health problems. , i.e. diagnosed schizophrenia. However, both Rubin’s mother and brother protested the request. To document his mother’s mental health problems, he provided records of calls to Las Vegas police, security reports on incidents at Ida Rubin’s house, and a medical report by Dr. Gregory P. Brown, who wrote that Rubin’s mother has psychosis. It turned out that this last certificate was a fabrication, because Dr. Brown never met Ida Rubin, so the court rejected Jason Rubin’s request.

Whether this case will have an impact on the court appointing Rubin as probation officer Britney Spears, we will find out on September 29. On this day, another trial is to be held regarding the incapacitation of the singer. If, as requested by the singer’s lawyer, Rubin becomes the curator of Spears, it will take over, inter alia, management of the star’s assets valued at approximately $ 60 million. It will also have an impact on her professional affairs: concerts, recordings, appearances on television, etc.

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