The new electric DeLorean is spectacular and will go into production. Here is the video with all the details

There DeLorean certainly became famous thanks to the films of the saga of Back to the Future, a fortune that did not coincide with the success on the market, with the consequent failure. Since then, many have tried to bring the brand back on the crest of the wave, but with few results.

Now it seems the time has really come for the return of DeLorean, or at least of the brand, with the new one DeLorean Alpha 5recently appeared in public on several occasions, which allowed for the first summary reviews.

Like the one you find here, by the well-known youtuber Supercar Blondie. The DeLorean “of the future” scheduled for 2024and it could only be fully electric. The design has definitely changed and modern but, nevertheless, has several traits reminiscent of the historic DMC12.

The gullwing doors are back, which, unlike many cars on the market, practically reveal the entire side, for access to both front and rear seats. The dashboard has been completely redesigned, but the designers have been able to maintain features in common with the classic model, also thanks to the help of digital instruments: you can choose a dial that replicates the analogue one of the 80s.

However, the Alpha 5 will no longer be a car for the masses (although the DMC12 wasn’t exactly cheap), but a supercar for a few. Electric, four seats, range of 500 km, with maximum speed of 250 km / h. The battery is rumored to be from 100 kWh, while for the engines there will be the now classic twin-propeller configuration on the axles. DeLorean hasn’t disclosed the price for now, but I suspect it could easily exceed $ 100,000. To be one of the 88 lucky (certainly not a random number) who will have one of the first copies, you can register on the dedicated site.

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