The new fashion colors for spring 2023 according to Pantone

In these two years of pandemic, the world has changed, our points of reference have changed and our relationship with color has also evolved. This is confirmed by the Fashion Color Trend Report for the Spring 2023 released by Pantonewhich for the next hot season has identified in the color contrast the sign of a change of pace with work, human relationships and our routine. While American companies prepare for a forced return of employees to the office, more and more employees dream of wandering their minds and looking towards new adventures. There are those who find them in their backyard and those who imagine giving up everything and leaving, getting paid for the liquidation and planning a long vacation around the world. Ambivalent feelings that express themselves in one palette that changes from relaxing tones such as Skylight, Vanilla Cream and Gray Lilac to more charged and vibrant ones such as Fiery Red, Beetroot Purple and Tangelo.

pantone fashion colors spring 2023

Trace Lysette on the red carpet in Venice with a Tangelo dress.

Pascal Le segretainGetty Images

“The palette reflects the contrasts we have going on in our lives right now, which means that the last few years have really influenced our relationship with color. People are more aware of what color means to them. Even though they may not be openly aware of it, there is a natural approach to certain colors “explains a WWD Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman. What the designers have done – although they may not even be aware of it – is embrace both the moods that people might be in and that stark contrast. ” The color palette identified by Pantone is the result of an anthropological and social phenomenon that has seen us shut up at home for months, forcing us to moments of self-reflection on how important color is for our lives, not only as regards our wardrobe, but also for the furniture and the choice of objects. The effect color can have on us is much more appreciated now, Eiseman confirms.

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Audiences are not immune to the influence of popular TV series such as Bridgerton And Indian Matchmaking or the film Emma., in which the taste for aesthetics and colors predominates almost over the script itself. “We spend a lot of time watching these shows and this is bound to have an effect,” Eiseman continues. color yes. We play on what we see even if sometimes we don’t know we do “. And he concludes: “People are more attentive to what they are buying and move more slowly [tra gli scaffali]. This has an effect on how that color is absorbed, how attracted you are to that color and whether it makes you want to buy it. “

pantone fashion colors spring 2023

The Fiery Red look by Timothée Chalamet in Venice79.

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In light of these considerations, here are, according to the Pantone Color Institute, the top 10 prominent colors and the five new classic shades that best reflect the trends of the last two years. We start with the Fiery Red 18-1664, a warm and intense shade of red that we saw wearing Zendaya in her Vera Wang outfit at the CFDA Awards and Timothée Chalamet on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival. The star power of these two guys is trendy. Continue with the Beetroot Purple 18-2143. As the name suggests, this bold fuchsia depicts the fruits of nature. “We have become a nation of foodies, because it is such an interesting conversation [da avere]. People have become more experimental with how they cook and what they are cooking. They are also going out more and experimenting with new flavors and drinks. We are looking for things that are a little more different than before and more experimental “explains Eiseman. A color that already dominates the catwalks, from the ultra-chic Valentino to the more sporty Alo Yoga and Lululemon. From fiery red to fuchsia we move on to the powerful Tangelo 15 -1335, a powerful orange traces of which can be recognized in the logos of Hermès, Veuve Clicquot and Dunkin ‘, as well as in the styles of Proenza Schouler, Collina Strada and Versace. In this version the color is even more charged, like an enhanced orange of vitamins, which gives the right energy and almost makes you want to “taste the color”.

pantone fashion colors spring 2023

Rihanna at the Off-White show in Paris with a Peach Pink look.

Pierre SuuGetty Images

The Peach Pink 15-1530, a soft and nourishing color that conveys the public’s interest in wellness, nutrition and healthy foods, according to Eiseman. And health, as we know, is a priority. In February Rihanna wore a peach-colored minidress at the Off-White show in Paris and caused a sensation. Fruit needs the warmth of the sun to grow, so here it comes to our rescue.Empire Yellow 14-0756, the same one worn by Olivia Wilde in Venice 79, which reminds us of “how we are moving away from the overcast sky of the pandemic and towards the sun”. Gucci, Off-White, Mugler and Voice Of Insiders have already worked on this shade for the athleisure garments. If what you are looking for is a spark of life that revives the classic pastel color, then the Crystal Rose 12-1708 is what it does for us. A romantic and nostalgic tint that gives the classic pink a modern twist. Nepalese fashion designer Prabal Gurung is among his many fans.

pantone fashion colors spring 2023

Olivia Wild in the lagoon in Venice 79.

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For those not afraid to play with bold colors, Pantone reports Classic Green 16-6340. A vibrant green, already seen in the collections of many sports brands and worn by a champion like Venus Williams at the US Open. More exotic the Love Bird 13-0443, “an instant attention catalyst that brings a smile to your face,” explains Eiseman. She knows Hailey Bieber, who wore a Versace dress in this color to a wedding reception. As for the blue, this year it turns on Perennial 16-4036a great classic for denim brands such as Lee, Levi Strauss & Co., True Religion, J. Brand and Paige Denim. The whimsical Harry Styles sported a Blue Perennial dress with a similar shirt in her recent appearance at the Venice Film Festival. Softer, similar to open skies and boundless landscapes, the Summer Song 14-4316 is a soft color, already present in the collections of Celine, Lanvin and Alexander Wang, as well as the more popular H&M.

pantone fashion colors spring 2023

Harry Styles with a dress in Perennial Blue.

John PhillipsGetty Images

Among the new classics of Spring 2023 we find Skylight 12-4604, a tone adopted since its inception by Pangaia, Burberry and Balmain. In Eiseman’s vision “instantly creates an image of light coming from above”. Its clear shades give a sense of cleanliness and purity, suggesting growing environmental concerns among consumers. We then move on to Vanilla Cream 12-1009, a dirty white which evokes an idea of ​​softness and creaminess, al Gray Lilac 13-3804an almost imperceptible lilacas delicate as a silk chiffon dress, et al Leek Green 15-0628a vegetal and neutral green, in line with the green sensitivity of the new generations. The palette ends with the Macchiato 17-1221, a color that evokes a certain airiness, like the Dior menswear and Louis Vuitton collections, where it has taken over in recent seasons. There is something to indulge in.

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