The new Files On-Demand experience in OneDrive for MacOS

Microsoft announced an update to the OneDrive app for all macOS 12.1 and later users. From now on, the program enables better and easier use of the Files On Demand option, thanks to the functionality based on the File Provider platform from Apple.

According to Microsoft’s reports, the new file-on-demand environment includes several important changes that will improve the comfort of users’ daily work. The change of the environment also allowed for the introduction of new functions known from other programs.

A series of important changes

The previous Files On-Demand experience will only be supported on macOS 12.2. With newer software, Files On-Demand will be enabled by default for all users and cannot be disabled. Additionally, devices using OneDrive will automatically migrate to the new Files On Demand environment as soon as they receive a macOS update to a version that supports them.

HFS + end of support

Importantly, the new file-on-demand environment requires an APFS-formatted volume. Microsoft is ending support for HFS + due to the fact that few clients sync files on HFS + volumes. For those who are still using them, there is a warning in the OneDrive activity center.

These users will be advised to upgrade to APFS. After the new On-Demand file environment is fully deployed, OneDrive will not start until the volume has been upgraded to APFS.

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