the new investment challenges the crisis

Poste Italiane launches the Renewal Interest-bearing bonds. A 6-year investment, with returns including interest after the first three.

This is apparently not the ideal time to invest. Not even in safe instruments like postal savings bonds. Too many uncertainties, too much need for available liquidity.

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This, however, does not mean that there are still different possibilities for those who still want to use part of their money in guaranteed returns. Despite the current times, Poste Italiane has chosen to focus again on investment and yield instruments, relaunching once again on interest-bearing bonds. In particular, the company has implemented the Renewal voucher, with the possibility of reinvesting its savings for up to 6 years. In truth, despite the decline in investments for well-known reasons, interest-bearing bonds they have not lost interest among savers. The state guarantee plays an important role in their preference, as does the absence of entry fees and the preferential taxation on interest.

All factors that have contributed to strengthening the solidity of the instrument in question, in almost every variant. As for the Rinnova, the subscription can also be done online and this is a further advantage. With some conditions to keep in mind before opening the voucher. It will in fact be necessary to have a Smart booklet, with consequential authorization for online services. Alternatively, it will be necessary to have a BancoPosta account, always with authorization for online services.

Interest-bearing bonds, Rinnova arrives: how it works and when it pays off

Debuting no more than a day ago, the new Rinnova voucher targets a specific category of investors. Specifically, to those who have repaid an expired Bfp. The security in question will have a maximum duration not exceeding 6 years, with a fixed return at the end of the third year starting from the subscription date and to maturity. The limitation is quite severe: the Renewal can only be opened by those who reimburse or have reimbursed paper or dematerialized postal savings bonds that have expired, as long as they have not reached the limitation period. The reimbursement must also comply with a specific date: the application, in fact, must not have been carried out before 20 September 2022 or occurred outside the placement period. The final term of the voucher will be announced by notice in the Official Gazette.

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Just to give an example, the Renewable interest-bearing voucher cannot be subscribed in the event of the expiry of a Bfp dedicated to a minor. And not even if a simple saving of 4 years is coming to an end. For the rest, there will be no further limitations. The aim is to allow savers to re-invest their capital in the medium term, using an ad hoc voucher that plays the role of the extension, albeit under different conditions than the original interest-bearing bonds. The Rinnova offers a gross annual return of 1% at the end of the first 3 years, and then go to 2.25% after 6. There will be no restrictions on the refund, which can be requested at any time before the limitation period. Keeping in mind, however, that interest will accrue only after the first three years have been completed. Withdrawing the invested money before that date will only allow you to get back your capital.

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