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Kia unveiled the first illustrations showing what the new Kia Niro will look like, probably including the Kia e-Niro. The body of the car seems quite traditional, the interior evokes the Kia EV6. The car will be presented during the Seoul Mobility Show on Thursday, November 25, at 3.30 Polish time.

New Kia Niro (2023) in the first trailers

The car is supposed to draw on the concept Kia Habanirowhich was shown in 2019. The Habaniro, in a fairly normally drawn crossover body, contained a number of unusual solutions, including a fragmented space just under the hood (compare with the Ioniq 5), minimized lights, two-color painting in a vertical arrangement (C-pillar), a rear tailgate that curls from the bottom, and of course, the door that opens upwards:

Kia Habaniro (2019) (c) Kia

On the trailers of the new Kia Niro, we do not see so many details, but the red surface near the taillights draws attention, as if the two-color painting with Habaniro was to be preserved. The manufacturer claims that “bold details have been reinterpreted.” “Interpreted” but the arrangement of the lights is almost identical:

The new Kia Niro (c) Kia

The interior has been cleaned up a lot, we find in it two displays connected in one plane, a steering wheel, a direction selector and a touch panel from the Kii EV6. In the pit we can see a bulge in the projection display (HUD), lines of ambient lighting in the cockpit. Attention is drawn to the extended door handles and slanted lines of the armrests, which have been pulled up to the edge of the windows:

We expect that the car will be built on the existing platform, i.e. it will be a conversion of the combustion variant. It would be good if the manufacturer did not decide to do any additional experiments, because the Kia e-Niro has always tempted with sensible interior space (the beginning of the C-SUV segment) and outstanding driving economy. If the car manages to slim down a bit, it may turn out that the new version will be even better in this respect – but let’s not set ourselves up for that, just in case.

The premiere of the car will take place on Thursday, November 25, at 3.30 am Polish time. We assume that the car will go into production next year.

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