The new movie with Angelina Jolie in the lead role turned out to be a flop …

Last weekend, the latest movie starring Angelina Jolie, “Those Who Wish Me Dead”, debuted in American cinemas. However, the name of the popular star did not attract viewers to theaters. The film grossed only $ 2.8 million and landed in third place in the US box office.

The cinema industry is slowly returning to pre-pandemic normalcy. Although it is still a long way to the same state as before 2020, more and more premiere films appear on large screens, and other countries are opening cinemas, such as e.g. Poland, where you can go to the screening from next Friday. For now, cinema fans are living with the news from America.

And there, last weekend, the movie “Those Who Wish Me Dead” had its cinema premiere. It tells the story of a boy whose father got involved in a serious scandal. He is murdered, but before that, he reveals to his son a secret he was hiding. The boy miraculously avoids the hit murderers and escapes into the wild forests of Montana. There he will be able to count on the help of a brave lady firefighter who once jumped with a parachute straight into the fire, but now has to think about a few things. This unusual duo will face murderers who are chasing the boy.

Directed by Taylor Sheridan (“Sicario”, “Yellowstone”), “Those Who Wish Me Dead” was not helped by the famous names in the cast. In addition to Angelina Jolie, it also featured Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”), Aidan Gillen (“Game of Thrones”), Nicholas Hoult (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) and Jake Weber (“Dawn of the Living Dead”). The film grossed $ 2.8 million in North American cinemas, and was even worse off overseas, raising only $ 1.2 million. With 4 million in the account, the movie is a flop. It is worth remembering, however, that “Those Who Wish Me Dead” premiered simultaneously on the HBO Max streaming platform. However, it was similar with the films “Godzilla vs. Kong ”and“ Mortal Kombat ”, which did much better in theaters.

The winner of the weekend box-office was the ninth installment of the “Saw” series, the film “Spiral: A New Chapter of the Saw Series”. The horror film starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson grossed $ 8.7 million. This is the weakest opening result of all parts of “Piła”, but these did not make their debut in a situation of limited activity of cinemas caused by the pandemic. Its creators can celebrate, especially since the film is waiting for its premiere on foreign markets.

Rounding out the top three of the North American box office is Guy Ritchie’s “One Angry Man,” starring Jason Statham, who grossed $ 3.7 million. This is the second week of its screening in cinemas around the world, where it grossed $ 56 million to date. (PAP Life)

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