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The director of the hit Netflix series Hwang Dong-hyuk shared his ideas on the second season which, he said, we may see sooner than expected.

Hwang Dong-hyuk is looking forward to starting work on season two of Squid Game. After the huge success of the premiere, expectations are high and the pressure is being felt, yet the South Korean director said he has quite clear ideas about the new episodes. So clear that the series could return as early as 2023 (or, at most, in 2024). But that’s not all: talking with Vanity FairHwang Dong-hyuk teased something about the plot and what we can expect from the next cycle.

“Humanity will be tested”, the anticipations of the creator of Squid Game

At the moment, Hwang Dong-hyuk has only drafted three pages of raw material which, he said, he hopes to turn into a script soon. But what should we expect? We remind you that, in the first season, Squid Game followed a group of desperate people as they took part in deadly games in which in the end only one would survive and win a millionaire prize pool. According to the director, in the second season “humanity will be tested once again through those games”. In fact, one of the themes he intends to insist on is precisely the human solidarity. “I want to ask a question: ‘Is true solidarity between men possible?'”, She said recalling that in the first season the characters “were focused on wanting to kill each other”.

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Will the actors from the first season return? Front Man will be more central

We already know that Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), the winner of the games at the end of the first season, will return in the new episodes. According to rumors, the actors could also return HoYeon Jung And Park Hae-soo, despite their characters Kang Sae-byeok and Cho Sang-woo are dead. Lee Jung-jae, speaking with Vanity Fairrecalled what emerged in recent months and that is that Kang Sae-byeok may have a twin sister (and this would allow the actress to return to star in the series) and suggested that too Sang-woo may have been saved, somehow, by supervisors and therefore may not really be dead. The director, however, stressed that he would especially like to focus on the mysterious Front Manthe game supervisor played by Lee Byung-hun; as we saw little of him in the first season and his story was only hinted at, Hwang Dong-hyuk would like him to play a more central role in the next few episodes and is already working towards that.

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