The new Telepass communication for all customers

The trips and the movements of the Italians have increased in these days; like every summer, the month of August is dedicated to holidays, for most workers: companies close for the summer break and families leave to enjoy a bit of freedom and carefree, to rest for the start of the New Year.

As we know, traveling the highways of the Peninsula involves paying the toll, with cash or cards at the toll booth, or with the convenient Telepass system, which allows automatic transfer and direct debit on the current account, thanks to the device installed in the car.

The novelty of Telepass for 2022

In the last few hours, the Telepass company has announced that it has enhanced the network dedicated to customers on all motorways located throughout the country. The company’s sales and service points are currently more than 400 in Italy, another 120 Telepass Points by Eni were added last May with the aim of covering new locations such as L’Aquila, Lecce, Reggio Calabria, Terni. , and also to strengthen the presence in the most densely populated places, including Bari, Bologna and Gallarate.

The note from the company itself explains: “Also following the gradual closure and reduction of Punto Blu activities by motorway concessionaires, the company is investing for strengthen the assistance networkthanks to strategic partnerships, such as that with Eni’s advanced service stations ”.

Telepass therefore decided to increase its presence on the national territory and make it more homogeneous and capillary. In urban contexts it will be expanded in the coming months, the goal is to provide the service above all to customers who prefer the support of experts in person rather than online and through digital channels, without having to travel too many kilometers from their home when needed.

Telepass: the increase is triggered

This is not the only novelty activated this year by the Telepass company. As of July 1st, as we know, the subscription prices have increased. Telepass Family and Twin Option will have higher costs. And so, with a unilateral amendment of the contract, the company decided to raise the amount of the monthly fee even for those who are already subscribers.

We live in a situation in which price increases are on the agenda, and the pockets of Italians are emptied more and more. The cost of gas, fuel has increased (excise tax cut extended), including raw materials, following the war in Ukraine and the sanctions that the European Union has imposed on Russia. Telepass also took the initiative to give the “coup de grace” to motorists and travelers.

The company, in the note to customers, explains: “The proposed unilateral modification of the contract is dictated by the need to increase – for the first time since the launch of the Telepass Family in 1997 – the fees of the Telepass Family and the Twin Option ( if active) “. The expected increase will be 0.57 euros per month (VAT included) for the Family and 0.28 euros (VAT included) for the Twin including the Premium Option / Italian Roadside Assistance. The press release continues: “This increase would be determined by the progressive change in the technological, market and organizational context in which Telepass operates “; and continues: “The unilateral amendment proposal introduces some further provisions, on toll payment instruments and on invoicing, aimed at adapting the methods of providing the service to technological and regulatory development”.

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