The new trendy haircut that is also very popular among VIPs is spectacular

the new trendy haircut

The new trendy

Everyone wears it. They ask for everything. It’s the brand new haircut that is depopulating today and will also conquer all of 2023. A cut for those who love to change and aren’t afraid to do it.

New year, new hair. But why wait for 2023 when we already know what will it be what will go Of great fashion? In fact, studying the fashion catwalks, looking at the red carpets and the haircuts of the stars emerges one haircut. All that remains is to find out and if we are brave enough to do it.

Let’s cut it

But maybe it’s not so much about courage, it’s more about hug the change and to give a net cut to the past. To that 2022 that hurt us in various ways. A cut so that becomes though synonymous of growth, of Announcements. Just like hair: you cut it, but then it grows back more beautiful, thicker and stronger.

Even the stars love it

And we are certainly talking about a non-buzz cut, or shaved, but a cut that has conquer characters like Emma Watson, Taylor Russellprotagonist of “Bones and All”, Demi Lovato and Alexa Demie, actress known for the HBO Max TV series “Euphoria”. But what is this cut?

a very short cut

A very short

Spectacular new hair cut that is enchanting everyone

The cut that is really traveling the world is the extra short. A very clean cut elegant but with an allure rock and also punk. It’s a very short cut, so it will go to underline the features of the face making them real protagonists.

Emma Watson shows it off in the new campaign Paradoxe of the scent of Prada. A definitely more rock and cheeky look than the Harry Potter Hermione Grenger we all remember. Zoe Kravitz seems to love this cut, which highlights the jaw and the lip with a super natural pink effect, and wears it very often.

The singer is also very passionate Demi Lovato. She has always sported short hair looks, but now she opts for a very short cut in the back and a tuft par on the front. Similar is the one carried by the beautiful one Charlize Theron that says goodbye to the blond and opt for a black shorta bit like Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil but even shorter.

black short


In the end Taylor Russell who chooses to wear it accurate and without a hair out of place, thanks to gel and lacquer. The new hair cut is truly spectacular and it seems that even actresses, singers and models love it.

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