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Lily Collins is an actress born in Great Britain, but having US citizenship, born in 1989. She is known for being the daughter of Phil Collinsa famous English musician, but over time she managed to make her way into the golden world of Hollywood thanks to her skill, her talent, her beauty and her always being herself.

Face of movies like Write me again, The exception to the rule, Tolkien, Windfall, however, it is in 2020 that he becomes one of the most appreciated and well-known names in the world of cinema. In 2020, in fact, he plays the role of Emily in the famous tv series Emily in Paris which made its debut on Netflix and which has two seasons under his belt, with the third on the way and the fourth already confirmed. Since that time, Lily Collins she has also become a style icon thanks to her looks that are impossible not to notice during the various episodes. A series to which she owes a lot and which continues to see her as the protagonist as it is not long before the release of the third chapter on the streaming platform. But the life of Lily Collins as an actress she goes on and the girl is ready to return to the small screen with a new branded TV series Hulu and from the title Razzlekhan: The Infamous Crocodile of Wall Street.

emily in paris lily collins
Lily Collins in Emily in Paris

But be careful, forget it Emily in Paris and its gorgeous life a Paris. Here we will talk about something completely different in that Lily Collins will take on the role of Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan and the TV series will be based on the theft of bitcoin for a total value of about 4.5 billion dollars. The announcement was made Deadline which also reveals the plot. The protagonists are Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein and Heather “Razzlekhan” Morgan a couple who last February arrested and accused of trying to launder 4.5 billion stolen bitcoins. A plot that is based on the real events described in the article of the New York Magazine The Many Lives of Crypto’s Most Notorious Couple. A mix between a love story and a thriller where there is, however, also room for humor and honesty. Lily Collins is producing the series together with Alex Orlovsky and Charlie McDowellnot new names as he has already collaborated with them for Windfall. However, this new series allows us to understand how works based on true stories of fraud and crime are becoming more and more current and interesting for the public. Just think of Inventing Anna on Netflix so it’s okay to be fascinated by the Parisian life of Emilybut Lily Collins he also wanted to try something new.

And are you a fan of Emily in Paris? Will you be following Lily Collins in this new Hulu adventure too? We look forward to seeing you in the comments!

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