The new version of the Tesla FSD system will allow breaking the rules?

Package “Full Self-Driving“It is still a test solution, available only at an additional cost. The system complements the autonomous capabilities of the brand’s vehicles Teslaby introducing new lane change features and improving automatic parking.

Unfortunately, from the very beginning of its existence, some functions available in the package arouse a lot of controversy. Some time ago FSD has been fully retired for security reasons. The problems concerned, inter alia, turning maneuvers and unjustified cases emergency braking. Although Tesla has recently made the appropriate corrections and has reintroduced the solution in the new version, it still does not inspire confidence.

As some drivers inform, the new version of the package Full Self-Driving received a very worrying feature labeled “driving profiles“.

It allows you to choose one of three available settings that affect the behavior of the car during automatic movement. The profile defined as “assertive“. Its description shows that it allows you to drive at a higher speed, maintain a much shorter distance from the vehicles in front, more frequent changes of lanes, and even passing “stop” signs without stopping first.

At the moment, it is difficult to predict to what extent these profiles actually affect the way the car drives. Whether, American administration it will have to focus on Tesla’s safety again.


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