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The break for the national teams is about to end. On Saturday Serie A returns to the field with Napoli-Torino which will open the program of the 8th day, Verona-Udinese will close the round on Monday evening. Here are the latest news from the fields and newspapers in a fantasy football key.

PROPERTY – Ciro’s conditions Property they keep Lazio and all its fantasy coaches anxious. The center forward underwent new checks yesterday after the injury found in the national team and today The Corriere dello Sport indicates what its possible management will be: “You must be patient, the injury that caused him to miss England and Hungary is not overcome and keeps him at risk for Spezia… The cycle of therapies, which began yesterday in the Lazio Lab in Formello, will continue until tomorrow. Ciro will be revisited and will be subjected to new checks on Thursday. On Sunday he seemed to have to leave for Budapest, even if not playing, only to support the Azzurri. But the MRI he had undergone after breakfast had confirmed the persistence of edema in the hamstring of his right thigh. The decision to return to Rome was shared by Professor Ferretti (from Italy) and the doctors from Lazio. Yesterday’s exams confirmed the clinical picture and advised against any use, even in training. A point will be made on Thursday. If the treatments have taken effect, it will be evaluated whether to train him in a different way on the same day or on Friday, otherwise he will remain in the pits. The edema must be reabsorbed, there is little to fantasize about. Ciro remains in very strong doubt for the match against Spezia (Sunday at 12.30), imagining him on the pitch as a starter seems an illusion, perhaps he will be able to sit on the bench. Better not to venture hypotheses. Immobile has not trained since last Thursday, Saturday morning (before Italy-England) he had done a light differentiated work at San Siro. If he misses La Spezia he will try again for the trip from Graz to Europe (Thursday 6 October at 6.45 pm), the third solution is to have him back in Florence on 10 October “.

LAZIO – Lazio must deal with Ciro’s possible forfeit Property against Spezia and then the coach Maurizio Sarri has to study alternative formulas. Two solutions at your disposal: Felipe Anderson and Matteo Chancellors. “Different profiles and stories – he points out The Corriere dello Sport -. The solution adopted last season, the first. On the other hand, the former Verona, the deputy building tried all summer, only to be released during the race on the right wing, often in place of the Brazilian. The tests will start between Thursday and Friday when the group will be fleshed out by the return of the national team ”.

LUKAKU – Encouraging signs on Romelu’s recovery Lukaku. The latest updates from the Inter center forward from The Gazzetta dello Sport: “Another exam yesterday. Another routine check for cases of “distraction” to the left thigh flexors such as that of Romelu Lukaku. The outcome was positive, as expected by all: the Belgian is doing well with his post-injury recovery and his run-up to the return to the field. But given the importance of the player and the desire to avoid relapses, also considering the World Cup at the gates, at Inter there is understandable prudence on the use of the Belgian, especially from the beginning, on Saturday with Roma. The next training sessions are decisive and, above all, the definitive return to the group, scheduled for tomorrow: only then will the best path be decided ”.

BROZOVIC – Inter lost Marcelo to injury Brozovic. The Croatian is likely to stop for about a month but for The Gazzetta dello Sport recovery times could be even longer: “The injury itself does not seem serious: the MRI showed a slight muscle distraction and for the recovery times a lot will depend on the reaction of the muscle to the therapies. It will be evaluated step by step, without haste … The problem – big – now Inter has it: Inzaghi hopes to get back Brozo in the field in the window between the return with Viktoria Plzen (fifth day of the Champions League, October 26) and the Juventus (13th matchday of Serie A, scheduled for November 6), but today nothing can be taken for granted. Not even the possibility that the player decides to recover calmly so as not to risk anything from a Qatar perspective: if this were the case, it is not excluded that 2022 with Brozovic’s Inter could already be finished, field in the World Cup and in the league in January “. Everything will be clearer after the new checks he will do in Italy, following those with the Croatian national team. For now, the hope remains to have it back at the end of October.

CHURCH AND POGBA – According to The Gazzetta dello Sport there is good news from home Juve on the recovery of Federico Church And Paul Pogba. Both are speeding up on recovery times from their respective injuries. The bianconeri do not let official timing filter through but in the case of Chiesa it is possible that the player will be able to start working with the group as early as next week. Either way, for both of us the match circled on the calendar for the return to the field is the one against Benfica in the Champions League scheduled for 25 October. Difficult from the start, but at the most from the bench. The road to return is closer but not yet imminent, we will need patience for both after a long inactivity. And from here to the World Cup there are only 8 league games.

OSIMHEN – Therapies for the rehabilitation of Victor Osimhen they go on well and smoothly. Today the center forward continued his work between therapies and the gym. A first prognosis could hypothesize a recovery to have the Nigerian available for the away match against Ajax, maybe bring him to the bench, instead Napoli chose a more conservative and safe therapy. So, most likely, Osimhen’s return will be on 9 October on the occasion of the away match in Cremona. To report it is Sky Sports.

POLITANO – Not only Osimhen, even Matteo Politano can go back against the Cremonese on October 9th. He brings it back Sky Sport: “With Osimhen he can also re-enter Politano in the away match in Cremona. Although the midfielder’s injury Naples one could look at it with a little more optimism: the ankle sprain is not of great magnitude. In the forehand the boy is already doing well, perhaps in dribbling and in some movements he is not yet at his best. And therefore we await his return ”. In the meantime, today Politano did personalized training.

BALDANZI – After Mattia Destro, Empoli also recovers Tommaso Baldanzi ahead of the match against Milan. “Baldanzi – we read on The Gazzetta dello Sport – had gone out for what, two days later, an examination had diagnosed as a muscle injury to his left thigh. The fact is that after a couple of minutes on the ground and after an attempt to resume the race he had given up for the pain. An admonition well spent by the expert Ceccherini as without Baldanzi Empoli was unable to close the game and was eventually reached 1-1. Yesterday, at the resumption after Sunday’s break, he was finally back at Zanetti’s disposal. The technician, after Destro, then finds another arrow for his bow. With Milan he will be available. And if they give him the chance, Baldanzi, already Under 20, is a candidate for a U21 jersey ″.

PILGRIMS – Confirmations of Lorenzo’s presence in the field arrive from Trigoria Pilgrims in Inter-Roma. Report The Corriere dello Sport: “He will be there against Inter. He has already reassured Mourinho in this regard. It remains to be seen in what role he will be employed. The feeling is that a lot depends on Dybala, reported in turn in progress and called up by coach Scaloni for the friendly match of Argentina against Jamaica scheduled for tonight. If Dybala plays from the start, Pellegrini will restart from the midline as would have happened against Atalanta., before the stop of the illustrious companion. Conversely, Zaniolo and Pellegrini would be the attacking midfielders behind Abraham in a faithful reinterpretation of the Tirana attack ”.

MILAN – Milan coach Stefano Pioli today could find three players in the group when training resumes, he points out The Gazzetta dello Sport. It’s about Sandro Tonali, David Calabria and Ante Rebic. The first two have recovered 100% after the physical problems accused against Napoli and, net of complications, they travel towards a starting shirt against Empoli. Different speech for Rebic. The Croatian is working to definitively overcome the back problems and in the event on Saturday evening he will start from the bench ready to help during the race in progress.

MILENKOVIC – Nikola’s condition Milenkovic they continue to hold court at Fiorentina: “there is still no certainty that the defender of the Partizan school will be in Bergamo. The workouts with a personalized program carried out up to last week are part of the recovery plan set in his time, so the real turning point becomes this very beginning of the week: finding Milenkovic in the group today or tomorrow would mean the green light for the call-up in view of Atalantaotherwise we would talk about it again for Hearts in Edinburgh on Thursday 6 October ”, he points out The Corriere dello Sport.

SKRINIAR – Hot days at Inter as regards the negotiations for the renewal of Milan’s contract Skriniar. Report The Gazzetta dello Sport: “His contract expiring in 2023 is still a long way from being renewed, today even more than yesterday, e the PSG is always on the same perch. He never stopped thinking about him, quite the contrary is ready to reshape a smart offer for January. No more on the 50 million plus bonuses (up to 60) that had shaken the Inter resistance, but this time on the 25-30. An almost halving, inevitable given that for the PSG there is an opportunity to take it away to zero after a few months: the risk, perhaps underestimated in the past, has never been so real … The Slovakian entourage is still waiting for a call to start the most difficult discussion. The one about the renewal, which only a few months ago seemed on ice. Before the Psg cravings emerged in the summer, there was a half agreement on the word to close at 5 million: the happy ending was not utopia, on the contrary. The summer turmoil then changed the scenes, but not the presence in this comedy of the same offer from the emirs: the 9 million five-year is also valid in January. And it will be the elephant in the renewal meeting room … Inter will present an offer at the level of the big players of the team: 6 million in total also considering the bonuses, and contract extended until 2027. Considering the PSG check, Skriniar would be willing to make an official 7.5 claimconsidered the right half between the two poles, but which would still be an unattainable peak for this Inter ”.

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