The Nicaraguan regime has approved a reform that strips those found guilty of “treason” of their nationality.

The Nicaraguan regime has approved a reform that strips those found guilty of “treason” of their nationality. (EFE/Jorge Torres)

this National Assembly of Nicaraguacontrolled by the regime, approved constitutional reform The bill allows for the denationalization of Nicaraguans convicted of “the following crimes”:betray the country”, a legal figure used to persecute opponents and critics of authoritarian regimes. Daniel Ortega.

This reform amended Article 21 of the Magna Carta and was voted on in a second instance at a special session in 2017. Dario Citythe birthplace of the poet Rubén Darío (1867-1916).

The measure states that “the acquisition, loss and restoration of nationality shall be governed by law. This traitor “They lost their identity as Nicaraguan nationals.”

The regulations were approved in the first instance on January 1 February 9, 2023,the same day 222 political prisonersSeven of the presidential candidates were released from prison and deported to USAafter being accused of “treason” and sentenced.

the next day, Managua Court of Appeal, Bodies linked to the dictatorship ordered the denationalization of the 222 Nicaraguans under a “Special Law Governing the Loss of Nicaraguan Nationality”, also approved in 2017. February 10th.

The measure is part of legal provisions used to persecute opponents and critics of Daniel Ortega’s dictatorship. (EFE/Jorge Torres)

The law states that “persons sentenced under the provisions of the Law on Defense of Peoples’ Peaceful Rights to Independence, Sovereignty and Self-Determination, promulgated on December 22, 2020, will lose their Nicaraguan citizenship.”

In addition to losing nationality, 222 former political prisoners disqualified from holding public office for life or universal suffrage, their civil rights were suspended.

February 15, another 95 people, including writers Sergio Ramirez and Gioconda BaileyAuxiliary Bishop of Managua, Silvio Baezand former guerrillas Louis Carrionwas also stripped of his nationality without trial or conviction after being accused of “treason.”

Those affected by this measure denounced Article 20 of the Nicaraguan Constitution (without modification) which guarantees “No national may be deprived of his or her nationality. The qualities of being a Nicaraguan national are not lost by acquiring another nationality. “

Nicaragua is going through political crisis The issue has become even more salient since April 2018 following the disputed election in which Ortega was re-elected for a fifth consecutive term and a second term alongside his wife, Rosario MurilloHer leading contenders for vice-president are either in jail or in exile.

On February 15, 95 other people, including writers Sergio Ramirez and Gioconda Bailey, were stripped of their nationality. (EFE/Macarena Soto)

On Tuesday, the Ortega regime canceled 16 non-profit organizations7 of which requested voluntary dissolution, and a total of 10 were Catholic and/or Evangelical.

The dissolution of these 16 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) was approved by the Home Minister, Maria Amelia CoronelAccording to two ministerial agreements published in Nicaragua’s official gazette, La Gaceta.

According to the Ministry of Interior, Nine NGOs were deemed illegal for not complying with regulatory laws, while seven others were canceled due to voluntary dissolution.

The entity argued that it unilaterally closed the nine NGOs because they violated their obligations under regulatory law and hampered the control and supervision of the General Directorate for Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations.

The Ortega regime revoked the legal status of 16 non-profit organizations. (EFE/Jorge Torres)

With the closure of these 16 NGOs, More than 3,550 such organizations have been disbanded After popular protests broke out in April 2018.

The NGOs unilaterally decriminalized include the Jehovah Pentecostal Mission Society, the Consecrated Missionary Society of the Holy Savior Foundation, the Evangelical and Prophetic Apostolic Mission Society, the Marian Missionary Society, the New Revival Family Church Foundation and Trans World organize. Nicaraguan Missionary Society, etc.

(Information from EFE)

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