The Nightingale of Marcin Najman’s gala Krzysztof Stanowski criticizes

Last weekend, at the conference announcing the MMA VIP gala, for which Marcin Najman stands, the special guest was Andrzej Zieliński, pseudonym “Słowik” – a former boss of the Pruszków mafia, who had a sentence for managing a criminal group and several years of imprisonment. The “Słowik” is currently facing further charges, and he was released in mid-December last year. after paying 200,000 PLN property surety.

Marcin Najman was criticized for the involvement of “Słowik” in promoting the sports event. The leader was Krzysztof Stanowski, founder of Grupa Weszło and co-owner of Kanał Sportowy.

In many entries on Twitter, he enumerated his reservations and argued with Najman’s translations. He also tried to verify that all the partners of the MMA VIP gala knew that it was promoted by “Nightingale”.

Without patronage and text on Onet

– I called the Water Rescue Service, which is one of the partners of the MMA VIP gala. President Kujawa said that he was surprised to see the conference where “Słowik” was presented and that he “felt anxious about it”. It does not exclude that the cooperation is just about to end – reported Stanowski on Monday afternoon. – The Water Rescue Service was responsible for the medical support of the gala in exchange for a logotype among the partners of the event – he stressed.

Soon after, the Water Rescue Service Foundation announced in a statement that it did not know who would be guests at the MMA VIP announcement conference, and in the current situation it was withdrawing from cooperation.

The gala will not be held in the city hall in Kielce, which has been decided by the city authorities. – Kielce initially withdraws from signing the contract with MMA VIP after my intervention and media controversy. Collaboration with ex-gangsters such as “Nightingale” is something disgusting, so I’m surprised it was considered. The planned amount for renting the hall is also “knocking” – said Marcin Stępniewski, PiS councilor from Kielce.

Portal, belonging to the Wirtualna Polska Group, withdrew from the patronage of the MMA VIP gala after the conference with the participation of “Słowik”. – We did not know about the cooperation between the organizer and Andrzej Zieliński pseud. Nightingale. Since the Saturday conference, our patronage over the gala has not been up-to-date – told an internet user who asked about the matter on Facebook. –

– Way to go. I also asked at the top and I know that the Wirtualna Polska Group has no intention of giving it publicity. Bravo! – commented Krzysztof Stanowski.

On Wednesday, Stanowski asked on Twitter why The MMA VIP announcement is still available on Onet. Soon after, the article disappeared from the portal.

– Thank you very much @onetpl for a quick response. I think that all media should approach this subject in such a responsible manner. Media silence as to some fight cards, dates, etc. – assessed the head of Grupa Weszło. – Onet has done great, the article has been deleted. Way to go! – he stressed.

Krzysztof Stanowski He also suggested that mBank should terminate cooperation with the MMA VIP organizer. – Now, for example, you can ask @mBankpl whether trading with money from the “Nightingale” gala is their idea for modern banking. Give some likes to notice this post, he said on Twitter.

– At the same time, I have an account at @mBankpl and for me they are great, they were just unlucky that the wrong organization opened an account in their bank. But it can be fixed, he stressed.

“Journalistic zero” about Najman and “Słowik” with a record of likes

On Monday evening, the Sports Channel featured a special episode of the “Journalism zero” series, in which Krzysztof Stanowski commented on non-sport issues.

The entire program concerned the participation of “Słowik” in the promotion of the MMA VIP gala. Stanowski bluntly criticized Najman for this and recalled the criminal activities of the former head of the Pruszków mafia. He read the e-mail received from a person whose parents had been attacked and beaten years ago in their restaurant by the then subordinates of “Nightingale” in order to extort a protection money. Stanowski published similar reports on Twitter.

On Wednesday morning, Krzysztof Stanowski informed that the episode received 127,000 per day. likes (or “thumbs up”), which is a record on the Sports Channel. – It’s not the numbers that please, but the range. Because I recorded it in order to reach as many people as possible. Thank you very much to those who promoted and released this movie! – commented the journalist.

On Thursday morning, the recording was already 185 thousand. “Hands up” and over 17 thousand. comments with 1.75 million plays.

A dispute between Stanowski and Najman for two years

Krzysztof Stanowski and Marcin Najman have been in conflict since 2020. It started with Stanowski mocking the gala with Najman, then they criticized each other on social media. Najman called Stanowski “journalistic zero” many times, which gave the program its name.

Fragments of Marcin Najman’s statements from the Hejt Park edition shown in spring 2020 are played as jingles. During the discussion, Najman poured a drink over Stanowski. The episode is by far the most popular material on the Sports Channel, with 7.1 million views so far.

In the fall of 2020, Stanowski laughed at the campaign to defend the monastery in Częstochowa announced by Najman after some of the temples were raided during protests after the Constitutional Court’s abortion ruling. The former MMA fighter challenged the journalist to a fight, and then reported on social media that he did not appear in the designated place.

Parts of this account quickly became memes. A year ago, Marcin Najman donated the characteristic jacket he was wearing at the time to the auction of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy. By the way, the Tyskie brand, as part of the “Let’s go to you” campaign, arranged a meeting between Najman and Stanowski over a beer.

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