“The North American Finals Draw Near”

Yasin Ouadi A name to reckon with in the French coaching landscape. One of the pioneers of individual player development in France, he has collaborated with many top and even very high level players. He worked as a player development officer at CSP Limoges. He is also the initiator of the UPSILON camp, a unique camp for professional sportsmen, which has just started its second edition. In short, Yasin is a size up — and it’s certainly no coincidence that he’s the second personal trainer (and first Frenchman) to sign a contract with Puma, after Chris Brickley (who worked with LeBron James or Kevin Durant). became.

That’s why we wanted to discuss with him the two insanely beautiful posters that the FIBA ​​World Cup 2023 will provide us with this Friday.

Serbia – Canada:

Basketball: Shai Gilgies-Alexander scored 31 points against Slovenia in the quarterfinals. Do you think he will be the X factor for this game?,

Yassin Ouadi: For me, we cannot consider him as the X factor. He is emerging as the best player in the World Cup. For me, the X Factor is the player who will rock the game. I think that rj barrettThe player who has been very inconsistent since the beginning of the competition may be this player.

I had high hopes for this, and I have a feeling it just keeps getting better. He is quite clumsy, but he is starting to attach more and more importance to the matches. He is able to defend, he has great scoring skills. I want to believe that, in a close match, he is capable of making decisions.

On the Serbian side, I am impressed by their home region (Nikola Milutinov, filip petrusev, Nikola Jovic, They score more points in rackets than even Germany, which I think is proficient in this matter, or even more than a team like Canada. I think that bogdan bogdanovic It would definitely be a cool game, so I think The X Factor could be Serbian interiors.

BS: Since the start of the competition, Serbia have played well and shown that they can keep pace with their opponents. What loophole can she rely on to win against Canada,

Yacine Audi: Serbia is a solid team. When you watch this team play, you see that they are ranked well. You look at defensive options and as you said, there’s an adaptation. It makes sense when you know who is coaching. Svetislav Pesic is a very high level coach with significant European experience.

Serbia’s passing game could trouble Canada. There is a lot of variation between good players near the circle and players who score outside. Second, Serbia is better than Canada in counter-attacking – that is, three or four more possessions per game. Finally, I return to the inner sphere. i think milutinov, petrusev and jokic can put Dwight Powell And Kelly Olynick In Trouble.

BS: Conversely, what points do Canada need to secure to qualify for the final,

Yassin Ouadi: Defense is important for Canada. It was, it is and it will be the key. They have changed a lot in this competition, simply because they have the means to do so. dillon brooks And lugentz dort There is a real physical dimension. They are able to defend close to the circle, it is not so easy to break them. The Canadians had the means to reduce the influence of the Serbs near the circle.

I also think they have to be very aggressive on offensive rebounds. It is still something they know how to do well and which allows them to break the rhythm. It’s an open game, but I think in spite of everything Canada’s physical dimension will be the final judge.

USA – Germany:

BS: Germany had to fight to get past Latvia in the last match. Do you think he has the ability to look America in the eye?,

Yacine Ouadi: This USA team has the DNA of its predecessors: they run a lot, they defend the passing line and the ball hard… In spite of everything, the Americans constantly put their opponents under pressure. By being patient and playing with depth, you can score. Above all, the interior area is not the first attribute of this American team.

Germany has good players like Thies, Thiemann, Wagner and Voigtmann. Plus, if she slows down the game, eats up the clock and doesn’t play the Americans’ game—that is, tries to play fast—she could get them in trouble. The Germans also have experience that their opponents do not have, their average age is 24 and almost zero experience in FIBA. He has a fighting spirit which I really like and he has nothing to lose.

will react to dennis schroder, who could not stand the match against Latvia. it’s not possible. But everyone hopes that the United States will defeat Germany, and if the reverse happens, it will remain an achievement.

BS: You mentioned Dennis Schroder, who you think could be the X factor of this semi-final,

Yacine Ouadi: Schroder is a top player. I don’t know what he will do, but he is a player who does not dwell on poor performances. So I am waiting for his response.

On this encounter, I would choose moritz wagner, In my opinion his brother, Franz, will come out with a good game and he was probably the X factor in the last game. But I think about Moritz because I think he really brings something when he comes off the bench. He brings this energy, this grit, this fighting spirit… He’s dynamic, he runs in the gaps, I found him good in the competition.

BS: Realistically, what poster do you envision for the finale?, and which poster would you personally like to see,

Yassin Ouadi: Actually, the North American finals are drawing near. And if it were up to me, I would like to see one of the two European teams, Germany or Serbia, reach the final.

This will be representative of the competition. Especially since we expected to not only see a European country in the final, but perhaps even win. For these semifinals, I think Canada-Serbia is more open than Germany-USA, although we must remember the warm-up match which, in my opinion, was too open.

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