The Northern Kingdoms from The Witcher on a masterpiece map

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January 14, 2022, 21:41

Have you ever wondered how many kilometers Geralt must travel in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to travel from Velen to Novigrad? Thanks to the arch-detail map of cartographers from the University of Warsaw, now you can count it exactly.

Andrzej Sapkowski assures many times that he is writing The Witcher, focuses on the plot and characters, and the world of Geralt and the co-operatives will be created by the way. This does not mean, of course, that it is meaningless, on the contrary, both political and economic issues have a lot of it. Similarly with the areas we read about in the pages of a novel or a collection it tells about. Their descriptions are detailed enough to allow CD Projekt RED to create vast virtual spaces for the Witcher games. Cartography enthusiasts from the Department of Political and Historical Geography of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of the University of Warsaw went a step further. they did here is the map:


rdo: ..

I don’t know about you, but looking at her, I want to return to the books of the popular AS and follow the heroes’ journey, tracing my finger from town to town. I bet dollars against nuts that the vast majority of proper names that have been given to us to be heard in the context of the Northern Kingdoms can be found on the map above. Moreover, the exact distance from Vizima to Novigrad, from Montecalvo to Ellander or from Rivia to Kaer Morhen can be calculated thanks to the initial scale and the mapped topography of the terrain.

Obviously, this is not the first attempt at presenting the Viennese world on paper (here on a screen). The aforementioned CD Projekt RED already in 2007, i.e. on the occasion of the premiere of the first Witcher, attempted a similar procedure. As a result, we got what was also pretty, but probably less detailed (with the Skellige Isles located slightly differently than on the map above, the question is which is their correct location).


source: CD Projekt RED.

Either way, fans of Redw games can be calm. If Polish developers decide to develop the fourth part of the series, which seems more than likely, but it is difficult to talk about rumors about it at the moment, they will not run out of space to set the shares. Especially so far they have used a rather small fragment of the Viennese world. Check out for yourself the area of ​​their greatest work so far, the Wild Hunt (shown on the map below), it is just a small fragment of the whole. And there are also lands of Nilfgaard or Zerrikania and Hakland, unmarked in the above graphics.


rdo: Wiedmin 3: Dziki Gon / CD Projekt RED.

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