The Northman the new movie with Nicole Kidman and Anya Taylor-Joy

A 90 million dollar Viking revenge, so it could be defined The Northmanbut that would be reductive. The new action film from director Robert Eggers, to be released on April 21st, promises to be the most spectacular of the year and not only for the battles, the scenic landscapes of Ireland (between stormy seas and perched castles, covered in snow) but also for the remarkable cast. Three names, to begin with: Alexander Skarsgård in the role of the protagonist, Nicole Kidman and Anya Taylor-Joy, protagonist of The Queen of Chess on Netflix. But there’s also Ethan Hawke who plays the protagonist’s father in the opening scenes and then Willem Dafoe and even Björk.

the northman the new upcoming film with nicole kidman and anya taylorjoy

in a scene from “The Northman”

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“It’s a Viking saga with magic, swords and mysticism,” Eggers explained. “People think they know the Vikings. They think of the Kirk Douglas film Viking, they think of cartoon kids in horn helmets or certain TV shows where Vikings dress up as sci-fi rock stars. This is something very different.”. «I will avenge you, father. I will save you mother. I will kill you, Fjolnir!” the protagonist, Amleth (Skarsgård) repeats like a mantra from the moment his uncle (Claes Bang) kills the king, his father, when he is small to take over the kingdom (a classic, can we say it?).

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Then, fast forward several years and the Viking prince is still determined to fulfill his promise of revenge, return to his homeland, save his mother (Kidman) and kill his uncle. In the attempt he will be helped by Olga (Taylor-Joy), a woman capable of enchanting the minds of men and will have to overcome bloody battles and face magical creatures (Björk was chosen to play a witch-prophess).

the northman the new upcoming film with nicole kidman and anya taylorjoy

Nicole Kidman plays warrior Amleth’s mother

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We can also expect some detail between horror and disturbing, given the director’s previous works such as The Witchof 2015, e The Lighthouse, 2019. But above all there will be action. According to the Executive Editor of Film of IndieWire, Kate Erbland, watching The Northman we regularly pass “from ‘Oh my God yes’ to ‘Oh my God no'”. which is exactly what we look for in a film, isn’t it?

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