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If we had acted from the gut after the meeting / clash last Tuesday in common, we would certainly have written more. Citizens have the sacrosanct right to be received, listened to and above all, and we cannot compromise on this, to be treated with respect. A few days to reflect after yet another mournful event that hit our island and our people and the reaction was traced back to milder advice in an attempt to avoid triggering controversy. Road safety is a very complex issue on which to intervene synergistically from several sides. The cultural one, that of prevention and awareness. Last but not least, that of the solicitation to enforce the rules.

We all have to do our part! We of the Committee are doing our best, even at the cost of triggering nervousness in our interlocutors and take some “cazziatone”. But we don’t care, the cruciality of the question requires us to disregard it. During the meeting at the Ischia Police Commissioner, the deputy commissioner Ciro Re was able to perceive the seriousness of the problem to the point of organizing a lightning-fast meeting with the Mayor of Ischia, the Municipal Police and the Carabinieri in order to try to plan in a coordinated way to combat the problem of road safety. Let’s say good luck to the Commander of the Municipal Police Chiara Romano, who immediately proved to be operational in responding to the problems we have been reporting for some time.

Something seems to have clicked. It seems that soon we will pass from words to deeds. They dubbed it “task force”. Of course we cannot act only on the wave of emotion and we cannot expect to see everything change suddenly. But we are convinced that only with a collaborative spirit between the parties (Administrators, Police Forces and active Citizens) and without excluding anyone will it be possible to grasp the common objectives underlying the pursuit of road safety. We are not “showcase” people, as some have argued. This is our umpteenth heartfelt appeal to collaboration wants to be proof of this. We only want road safety and the liveability of the territory. For everyone.



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