the number of case officers that is ‘much lower’ than the real one, says minister

The minister of state for Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, and they said that the number of reported cases, confirmed and officially of the new coronaviruses it is “much smaller” than the actual number of infected people in the society.

Officially, according to released today by the Brazil 6.836 confirmed cases of the virus, registering for 241 deaths. The minister, however, said he did not like to get an estimate on what it would be for the actual number of infected people.

“We have brought the number of confirmed cases is much lower than the number of cases is out there in our society. I have no way of estimating. The increase in the need for the us to be much more careful to hold on to [o isolamento social]”said to Mandetta.

“In fact, if we didn’t care for the handle, most likely today they would be in a downward spiral of the cases, and that the social dynamics is diminished,” said the minister.

Mandetta has made a statement to explain the increase in the number of reported cases. Today, the official newsletter of the department of Health has recorded 1.119 cases in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, that number increased to 1.138, with the record of this case the day up to that point.

According to the minister, is one of the reasons for the growing number of cases, confirmed the increase in the capacity of laboratories to handle the testing for the detection of the virus.

“This week, the number of cases starts to increase,” he said Mandetta. “The test that I was trapped,” said the minister.

One of the reasons that have been pointed out by the health authorities for which the number of cases reported is less than that of the real numbers is that more than 80% of those infected with the coronavirus show no symptoms or have only mild symptoms and did not enter the official statistics.

Now, with the guidance of the Ministry of Health is testing only severely ill patients who are in the hospital. The increase in the performance of the tests, therefore, would make the official statistics closer to reality.

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